Why Bother With Home Insurance

Your home might be the most valuable investment in your life, and it’s important to protect it from unforeseen circumstances. Home insurance helps to renovate, replace or rebuild your home and your personal belongings in times like this. Even though home insurance isn’t a mandatory requirement in Little Falls, MN, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with it.
Here are the reasons why:
It protects your home against calamities
The policy covers your home from man-made calamities such as theft, fires, vandalism, and any malicious damages. It also covers your home against natural calamities such as storms, fire, lightning, etc. If a covered loss causes damage or destroys your home, this policy will repair or replace it.
It protects you against liabilities
Home insurance protects you against financial liability claims against you or any other members of your family. These include property liability and bodily injury liability to a third party visiting your home. The policy will help you cover any lawsuits.
It can help you get a loan
Just like auto insurance financing, most lenders require home insurance before financing your home, and some give preference to those customers who have this policy when inquiring a home loan.
It protects your valuables
Apart from protecting the structure, it also protects your valuable assets such as jewelry, furniture, appliances and much more against theft, loss, or damage. Having to re-purchase these assets may prove difficult after a loss, so, having enough coverage is necessary.
It provides you with financial stability 
If a covered loss renders your home inhabitable, you might have to get temporary residence while it’s being rebuilt or renovated. Home insurance will cover any additional living expenses you may incur during that period.
Finding the help of a knowledgeable local agent at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc in Little Falls, MN will give you a chance to determine which coverage option is essential for your home. At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we provide affordable insurance policies. So, talk to us today and secure your financial future.

Everything you’ve wanted to Know about Auto Insurance

Did you know that your car comes third in places you spend most of your time after home and office? It is also a significant part of your investment where you spend a lot of money. Most of the money goes to repairs, pump, and maintenance. Auto insurance is vital and a requirement. 

All auto insurance policies are not equal. You need to comprehend the terms, legal requirements in your state and compare various covers. Insurance agents don’t decide the type of auto insurance for you, but rather help you understand some of the jargons you will come across in your quest. Here are some lingoes you need to know:

Premiums are the regular amount of money you pay to keep your coverage active. They are not fixed but vary from one person to another depending on age, driving experience, sex, driving history record and car state or type. Some insurance companies may check your occupation and credit score. 
It is worth noting that the amount of premium is directly related to how coverage you get. High premiums imply great coverage and vice versa.

Collision Coverage 
When you are involved in an accident, and your car is destroyed or damaged, collision coverage policy covers all the costs of repairs or replacement. The crash may be a collision with another car or hitting a stationary object or if an uninsured driver hits your car. 

Comprehensive Coverage 
This misnomer term is misinterpreted by most people to mean complete coverage. However, comprehensive insurance protects you from financial losses resulting from other accidents other than collision. Natural disasters, fire, and theft are some of the perils.

Deductibles are the amount of cash you pay in person in case of car loss or damage before the insurance policy kicks in to meet remaining costs. 

Liability Coverage 
In most states, liability coverage is obligatory. If you cause an accident and injure or damage other people’s property, it is fair to meet resultant expenses.

Do you need auto insurance? Get in touch with Hanneken Insurance serving Minnesota residents. 


Farm Insurance Basics

Your farm could be your primary business or just a hobby. However, when losses occur, they affect the financial performance and may pose a backlash that could prove challenging to recover. This is why you need to consider farm insurance in Little Falls MN. Farm insurance rules vary from one state to the other, and Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. understands what it takes to provide coverage that is in agreement with Little Falls, MN rules, and that is suitable for you.

The basics

Farm insurance coverage varies depending on customer’s needs. However, whether for small, medium or large farms, Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. has what it takes. Some of the basic farm insurance policies are:

Liability insurance

The coverage protects you from liabilities arising from your farm and its operations. These include injuries to third parties and employees. The coverage also caters for lawsuit costs in case you are sued.

Farm property insurance

Depending on how you want to customize farm property insurance, it can cater for incidences such as fire, theft, hailstorms, floods and other accidents that can destroy farm property. Farm properties include buildings and their contents, machinery, livestock, crops, farm working dogs, and fences just to mention a few.

Business interruption coverage

At times, conditions necessary for the proper running of a farm are interrupted. This could be as a result of adverse weather or any other interruption. At such moments, losses are incurred, and business interruption coverage comes in handy to ensure that your financial position is not affected by the disruptions.

The basic point of getting a farm insurance coverage is to protect your farm, properties, and the business at large. As such, deciding what coverage best suits you could be challenging. This is why our team of skilled and experienced staff is here to help you understand various concepts and how they affect your coverage. Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. ensures that you make a sound decision and get an optimal farm insurance coverage in Little Falls, MN. Contact us today or visit our site for more information to get started.

How Getting Healthier Can Save You Money

With the laws changing in regards to your requirements for healthcare insurance, you might wonder how to save yourself money. One way to save money on your health insurance policy from Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. is to get healthier. Our Little Falls, MN insurance company provides incentives to save you money if you lead a healthy lifestyle.   

1. You Save Money on Co-Pays.

Your insurance policy stipulates the designated amounts you must pay for medications, doctor’s visits and other healthcare costs. If you’re not eating healthy, exercising and taking care of yourself, you’re more like to have serious chronic health problems, and you may have more frequent acute health concerns. Keep in mind, the worse your health problems become, the more medications, testing and treatment you’ll need, which adds to your health insurance expenses. 

2. Your Premiums Could Rise.

If you’re using your insurance excessively as a result of your unhealthy lifestyle, you could end up seeing a rate increase over time as a result of your habits. 

3. Weak Immune System 

Eating healthy ensures you get all the vitamins and minerals your body requires to run efficiently. The vitamins and minerals you consume could strengthen your immune system, which could ward off infections that could cause you to have to use your policy for a doctor’s visit as well as treatment. 

4. Opt for a Lower-Priced Policy.

If you don’t have to use your policy much, you can opt for the cheaper policy. However, if you have unhealthy habits that require you to take medications or have routine testing, you’re more than likely going to opt for a policy that covers your expenses more adequately. However, if you improve your health, you reduce your need for medications and other expenses that could require you to have a more expensive policy to cover the expenses. 

To get a quote for a health insurance policy to meet your needs, contact Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., serving Little Falls, MN and the surrounding area, by calling 320-632-6592. 

3 Reasons To Review Your Life Insurance Annually

Having a life insurance policy can provide a sense of security that family members and loved ones will be financially taken care of after you pass. But that policy may no longer meet the needs it once did. Things change and you may want to review that policy. That’s why our professionals at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. are available to serve the life insurance needs of Little Falls, MN community members.  

Family Size Has Changed

This stands as one of the primary reasons you may want to update or create a new life insurance policy. Families are blessed with new members and need coverage to keep them financially well if a tragedy occurs. Another family change that people seldom consider is senior parents living with you that require specialized care. The cost of medical professionals can be expense and it’s an important consideration. Meeting changing family needs will allow you to sleep soundly at night.

Beneficiary Changes

Taking out a policy at the birth of a child makes a great deal of sense. But when that little person becomes an adult with income and wealth of their own, changes in beneficiary sums may be better served going to a spouse or another family member. Families evolve and so should your policy.

Home Costs Change

Another common way of looking at policy coverage is having enough to pay off the family home in the event you or a loved one passes. Mortgages are generally the highest expense for everyday people and it’s important to have adequate coverage to take care of that bill and others. As your property value increases, so will taxes. It makes sense to look at the total cost of paying for and running a home.

At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. we serve the Little Falls, MN community and our professionals are available to create or update a life insurance policy that provides you and your family with secure coverage.

Ways commercial insurance can transform your business.

When you run a business, it’s impossible to anticipate every problem. Quite often you are so busy working within the business doing what you do best, than worry about the business of business, much less the nebulous trouble of what could go wrong that might go wrong.

Commercial insurance is meant to give you protection and  protect your business from damages like theft, employee injury and fire.

Whether you are a startup business or well established, it is wise to choose a commercial insurance that fits your style of business and your growing business needs. From year to year they may change, so it is advisable to contact to contact your insurance agent.

3 ways commercial insurance can help your business

Commercial insurance is meant to give you protection. It protect your business and gives you peace of mind.

1- Commercial liability insurance protects you from the damages that may occur to any third party. It covers personal and property damage to others, by averting most lawsuits, it insures that you can focus on your business rather than deal with issues.

2-  As we’ve found out with many hurricanes in 2017 and fires in California, fire and flood can devastate a business. Property insurance can cover those damages and get you back to work quickly.

3-  No matter how safe your business is, no matter how safe you keep your crew or your employees, if you are in business for any length of time, it’s a matter of time before someone gets injured. And workman’s compensation can alleviate a headache for you, and assuage your employees discomfort.

For more information on how commercial insurance can transform your business, call Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. serving Little Falls, MN.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe When Traveling for the Holidays

Anytime you are away traveling, your home becomes a target for burglars and thieves. But this is especially more common during the holiday season, when thieves are looking to hit homes that may have gifts inside of them. Here are a few tips for Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. serving the Little Falls, MN area, on how to keep your home safe when you are traveling for the holidays. 

Avoid Announcing Plans on Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to holiday traveling is announcing your plans over social media. Thieves and burglars may read these posts and you become an easy target. And you may think the post is hidden or secured, but this is not always the case. 

Keep Gifts Out of Sight

Another tip for protecting your home is to keep your gifts out of sight. Don’t place a slew of gifts right under the window. Also, be mindful of throwing out boxes and packages. If a thief sees you bought a 65 inch television or expensive laptop or tablet due to the box in the trash, your home may be targeted. 

Put Your Lights on a Timer

The last tip for keeping your home safe when traveling for the holidays is to put your lights on a timer. This ensures your home is not constantly dark and black, which are tell-tale signs that you are away on a trip. This can throw a thief home and prevent you from becoming a victim. 

Protecting your home helps to provide you with peace of mind and helps to prevent you from filing a home insurance claim for theft. If it has been awhile since you last looked at your home insurance coverage amount, now is a great time to ensure your home is still properly valued and your coverages do not need to be increased or decreased. Contact Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. serving the Little Falls, MN area today to have a professional look over your home insurance policy or write you a new one. 

What Type of Coverage do I Need with My Auto Insurance Policy

One of the biggest purchases that most people will ever make is a new or used car. Since a car is such a valuable investment, it is very important that you keep it properly insured. For those that are from the Little Falls, MN area, there are several types of auto insurance coverage that they made need with their auto insurance policy.

State Requirements

In the state of Minnesota, all drivers will need to have two types of liability coverage on their insurance policy. The minimum requirements include coverage for property damage and bodily injury. The property damage minimum requirements are $10,000 per incident. The bodily injury minimum coverage requirements are $30,000 per person with a total of $60,000 in coverage per auto accident.

Other Requirements

While there are basic levels of insurance coverage required in the state of Minnesota, these levels of requirement often are not enough for drivers. The basic requirements only provide coverage for liability and do not provide the driver with any coverage for themselves or for their vehicle. In many situations, a driver will also be required to have collision and comprehensive insurance coverage on their insurance policies to stay compliant with an auto loan or lease requirements.

Collision coverage will provide coverage for your vehicle in the event you are at fault in an accident or in an accident with an uninsured driver. comprehensive coverage will provide you with a range of other types of Auto coverage that will cover for theft, vandalism, storm damage, fire, or an accident with an animal.

When looking for coverage in the Little Falls, MN area, meeting with Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. could be a great option. Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. is a leading consumer insurance agency that will be able to provide you with more insight into your auto insurance needs and provide you with an insurance quote.  


What is Medigap Health Insurance?

While it is currently the law that citizens of all 50 states, including the residents of Little Falls, MN, obtain health insurance, it is not required that they purchase Medigap coverage. Many people make the decision to do so, and it is important to understand why that is the case. 

Medigap Insurance Basics

Your Medigap policy is designed to pick up costs that your primary insurance will not, and to qualify for Medigap health insurance, you must, in many cases, already have Medicare part A and B coverage. Your Medigap policy will be provided by a private insurance company, and it’s important to be aware that it will not cover everything. Services that are typically excluded from Medigap insurance policies are dental care, vision, long term care, and hearing aids. 

There may be some limiting factors to whether or not you can purchase a Medigap insurance policy, as you will need to do so only during open enrollment. You may not be eligible if you are not yet 65 years old and you have a disability or late-stage renal disease. Medigap insurers can refuse to approve coverage for six months if you have a pre-existing condition that was diagnosed in the six months prior to when you applied. If you purchased your indemnification after 1990, you cannot be dropped for reasons other than nonpayment, fraud, or if the company goes out of business. 

Hanneken Insurance Agency Can Help

Hanneken Insurance Agency is a fine purveyor of health insurance and can answer any questions you may have regarding Medigap health insurance. You can contact us, and speak to one of our representatives about your health insurance needs today! Faithfully serving the Little Falls, MN area, we consider it a privilege to work with you. 


3 Reasons You Need Farm Insurance in Little Falls MN

Farm insurance is known by many names; ranch insurance, livestock insurance, and crop insurance, for example. Whatever type of farmer you are in Little Falls, MN, farm insurance is a good idea to have if you want to protect your livelihood.  Whether it’s a failed crop, a disease that strikes your livestock, or damage to your farm buildings that you find yourself dealing with, farm insurance is a good thing to have in these kinds of scenarios.  Read on to learn about three more reasons you need farm insurance in Little Falls, MN.   

1. Put It All On One Policy

As a farm or ranch owner who also has a homestead on the farm, you can insure your farm or ranch and your homestead all on one policy.  It’s a good idea to check with an insurance agent to see if you can get a discount by putting everything on one policy.  

2.  You Live Far Away

If you don’t live on your farm or you live very far away, having farm insurance will give you peace of mind when you can’t personally be there.  

3. You Rent a Farm

Another form of farm insurance is farm rental insurance. This covers the livestock or crops that an individual is raising on rented land.  Even though you may not own the land, it is smart to ensure the hard work you put into the cattle and/or crops in case disaster strikes is covered with an insurance policy.  

If you are looking for a new farm insurance policy or wish to replace an existing one, contact the Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. today.  We know the ins and outs of farm insurance and can help you purchase the perfect policy for your farm or ranch.  To speak with a reputable agent at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. call us at 320-632-6592.