Types of Commercial Insurance

Opening a business in Little Falls, MN can become a very rewarding experience.  Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. wants to be part of that by helping cover you against losses. This blog covers the types of commercial insurance coverage that protect your business. Depending on your company, you might need one or all of them. 

You might think of commercial auto or commercial property insurance when someone mentions insuring your business, but it goes much further than that. Most businesses require property and liability insurance to protect against damages to their property or someone else’s. If they employee people, they also need a workers’ compensation policy to cover employees injured on the job. Here’s a quick list of policies your business may also need.

  • Equipment breakdown insurance covers the breakdown of boilers, equipment, and machinery. That includes your copier or your tiller or your crane, depending on your business.
  • Debris removal insurance pays for cleanup and debris removal following a covered hazard such as fire or flood.
  • Builder’s risk insurance covers structures you have under construction.
  • Glass insurance covers the glass on your building. If vandals break your store windows, this pays for their replacement.
  • Inland marine insurance covers other people’s property on your worksite and property in transit.
  • Business interruption insurance pays for your lost income and expenses if your business incurs property damage or loss.
  • Ordinance or law insurance could also be called code insurance since it pays the costs of demolishing and rebuilding to code if you partially damaged the building.
  • Tenant’s insurance is renter’s insurance for a business. It also pays for damages to improvements you, the tenant, made caused by employee negligence.
  • Crime insurance pays out when your business becomes the victim of a theft, burglary or robbery.
  • Fidelity bonds cover theft of property or money by a bonded employee.
  • Liability insurance pays for damages stemming from injuries your business caused to third parties. This category includes the specialized policies of errors and omissions ("E & O") insurance,  malpractice insurance and automobile insurance.
  • Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance covers lawsuits against the directors and officers of corporations and nonprofit organizations. 

If you think that sounds a tad complicated, we can help sort it out. Contact Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. of Little Falls, MN for a consultation to help you determine which policies your business needs.

How to Increase Your Home’s Security

At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. serving Little Falls, MN., we have seen more home break-ins than we would like to. While there is no way to prevent every break-in, the steps and actions you take can help to increase the security of your home and decrease the odds of your home being a target for thieves. Here are a few tips to help you increase your home’s security. 

Make Sure Your Home is Well Illuminated

One of the best ways to protect yourself against burglaries and break-ins is to ensure your home is well illuminated. Using exterior lights around the outside of your home can help you with this task. Trimming back trees and bushes that provide coverage for an intruder can also help. Thieves prefer to stay hidden, so making sure your space is well lit can be a huge deterrent. 

Utilize an Alarm and/or Cameras

Another way to help increase your home’s security is to utilize an alarm and/or cameras. A thief wants to easily get in and out of your home without being seen or heard. If thieves see that you have an alarm system and/or cameras, they may pass your home up. 

Ensure Valuables Are Not Left in Plain Sight

Finally, be sure to keep valuables out of sight. If a thief can look in through a window and see money, jewelry or expensive electronics, your home may be more of a target compared to a home where thieves cannot see anything. 

Having home insurance is important, as it helps to protect against any losses that you sustain as the result of unexpected events, such as a break-in. If you are in the market for a new home insurance policy in the greater Little Falls, MN area, let Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. help you. Schedule an appointment with one of our insurance agents today. 

What Does Someone in Little Falls Need to Know About Auto Insurance

Most people in the Little Falls, MN area are very aware that they need to have auto insurance in place at all times. However, the process of researching and picking a policy can be a complicated process. There are several things that you need to know about auto insurance to ensure you get into a great policy. 

Coverage that is Required 

When you are shopping for auto insurance, the first thing that you need to understand is what type of coverage is required for your situation. All drivers in Minnesota will need to have liability insurance at all times. While it may not be required by law, many drivers will also need to have collision and comprehensive insurance if they have a loan out against their car. It is important that you know what your personal requirements are. 


You should also fully understand your policy and responsibilities when you are shopping for insurance. This can include understanding how your deductible will work. The deductible is the amount of money that you will have to pay out of pocket before you can file a claim. Knowing this information will come in handy if you are ever in an accident. 

It is very important that you choose the right auto insurance policy for your Little Falls, MN car. When you are trying to find the right policy for your current or next car, the best place to turn to is the Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. When you contact the team at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. you will receive the expert advice that you need to get into the best auto insurance policy possible for your situation. This will ensure that you are covered with the right amount and from a good provider. 

There is More to Farm Insurance in Minnesota Than You May Think.

Little Falls, MN has many farms and ranches in the region and surrounding areas each providing a vital agricultural service locally or even globally. A farm is a corporation in and of itself when it comes to all the aspects that need to be addressed daily ranging from animals, employees, valuable machinery, and buildings. At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. we provide quality insurance services including farm insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, flood insurance, and more. 

In the state of Minnesota, there are many insurance considerations when it comes to farming or ranching. For example, a beginning rancher or farmer will receive certain insurance perks that the first year that may make it easier to purchase affordable insurance. But this is not to exclude people who were raised on farms or ranches who are branching off on their own. Other considerations include which crop you grow in a particular year, your farm’s past performance, and unique risks and assets. Farm insurance is not quite as straight forward as other policies but this is to protect you, the farmer, and make sure you are protected as you run your unique corporation. Come in and discuss your particular insurance needs for your farm assets and risks, and we can help clear up any questions you have about farm insurance in your area. 

Contact us at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. for all of your farm insurance needs in and around Little Falls, MN. Or if you have any questions as you begin on your journey or running your own working farm or ranch you can come on in and discuss your farm with our experienced agent. 

Does Health Insurance Cover Preexisting Conditions?

Health insurance is no doubt a wonderful thing. It allows us to have help in paying for medical care that is essential to our being healthy and living a long happy life. For some with preexisting conditions, finding insurance can be difficult, with the right help you can find a policy that fits with you. For those in the Little Falls, MN area, the agents with Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can help you to find a policy that works well for you and that can take care of your condition.

The overwhelming number of insurance companies out there are going to ask you to fill out a health questionnaire to determine if you have any specific health issues that are pertinent to the insurance. Some insurance companies are not going to accept those that have conditions when they apply for the insurance. An example may be someone that has cancer, they want to switch to a better insurance that helps pay more for their cancer treatment, they would be required to disclose that they have cancer to the insurance company and the company can then either approve or deny their application. In most cases, a preexisting condition does not disqualify you for insurance but rather makes it necessary to get a different type of coverage that is going to cost more each month to make up for your added costs.

Insurance is something that you have to have and having a great policy that is going to be able to cover and help take care of your bills is a must. You should take the time to find a policy that works for you, no matter what condition you have. For those in the Little Falls, MN area, the agents with Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can help you find a policy that works for you.  

What makes car insurance rates go up or down

Life happens, and when it does your car insurance rates could go up as a result. There are things you can do to make them go down as well. The Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. of  Little Falls, MN can help you sort out your rates, and help you find ways to make your cost lower.

Insurance companies often check your driving record when it is time to renew. If there are speeding tickets or other moving violations, your rates could go up. More serious matters like a DWI will certainly make your rates increase. Minor incidents will go away eventually, but repeated offenses, like repeated speeding tickets, will only make matter worse. Other criminal activity, non-driving related, could also increase your rates.

If you are at fault in an automobile accident, that could also make your rates go up. Filing any kind of claim can increase your rates. Also buying a more expensive car, or a more high-performance car could also make your rates go up. As people get older their rates may go up.  If your credit score declines, or if you move, are also factors.

On the other side, a good driving record can help keep your rates down. If you have teenagers, their rates may go down if they complete a safe driving course. Adding safety features to your car also helps and choosing a car that is not a sports or luxury vehicle will also help. Generally avoiding things that make your rates go up is the best strategy for keeping rates as low as possible.

Call or visit the Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. today in Little Falls, MN to get the best insurance rates on your car. We are here to answer your questions and help you get the best policy for your situation.

How Does Home Insurance Cover Pets?

Little Falls, MN, is a great place to raise a pet. We all want the best for our animal friends, so some forward-thinking individuals might wonder how insurance does and does not protect their pets. The experts at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. have scoured policies to give you a clear answer.

Your Pet Is Harmed

Homeowner’s policies typically do not extend coverage to vet bills or the well-being of your pet. While pets are considered personal property under some purviews of the law, it doesn’t include insurance. Pet insurances do exist, but they’re primarily geared towards covering financially valuable pets. This includes purebred dogs and exotic animals.

Your Pet Breaks Things

There’s a reason for that meme where cats are always pushing things off of counters. Pet-caused damage is a normal part of life. It’s not something that will usually be covered by homeowner’s insurance. That’s the policy that’s made for major stuff. So, even though your pet might lovingly break something you value, the home policy isn’t the one to insure it. You can look into alternative policies for pet damage.

Your Pet Hurts Someone

Pets actually account for a significant percentage of personal liability claims every year, even in Little Falls, MN. It’s a pretty standard part of home insurance, but you do need to check the fine print. Some policies exclude covering dog breeds with the highest incidents of bites, for example.

If you want to be 100-percent sure that you have the best insurance for your furry best friend, talk to your representative at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. They’ll help you craft a perfect insurance plan to give the best to all of your pets.

Finding Health Insurance After 50

As businesses downsize, many established employees find themselves without their former employer’s benefits. They need to purchase their own health coverage. Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. of Little Falls, MN wants you to know how to find affordable coverage at 50 and older.

One of the reasons it becomes tougher is that older people are more likely to have developed chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Some insurers will not offer a policy that covers pre-existing conditions. Others will cover it once the insured has gone a specified period without any problems. Some will cover long-term pre-existing conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Not only will it become harder to find coverage; it gets more expensive. You can reduce the costs by following these tips:

  • Avoid the options and extras. Select only the coverage you really need.
  • Obtain private coverage for major illnesses only.
  • Choose a plan with a waiting period before treatment ends. The common periods are four-week or six-week options.
  • Choose a policy that only offers treatment at a few hospitals.
  • Remain in good shape. A healthy BMI can sometimes get you a discount.

The plans you are accustomed to from your workplace offer so many options because they serve a large group of diverse people. Your employer needs a plan that can accommodate every employee. When you choose a private health plan, you get to pick just what you need and tailor it to yourself. That can save you money.

Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. of Little Falls, MN can help you obtain the health coverage you need. Call or visit us to learn about the health insurance plans we can offer you.

How do I know if I need farm insurance?

Farmers in and around Little Falls, MN understand what it’s like to deal with a mix of the old and the new on an everyday basis. While most things have changed, many others remain comfortingly the same. One thing modern farmers have in common is the need to protect themselves from the risks associated with farming activities.

Who Actually Needs Farm or Ranch Insurance?

If you don’t technically live on a farm or ranch, a standard homeowners policy might be adequate to meet your needs. There are some criteria you can use to decide if you will need the additional coverage available with a specialized policy:

  • Are there any additional structures on your property, like a shed, a stable, or even a greenhouse?  Especially if you are growing plants for sale, you may want to consider the amount of revenue you expect to receive when deciding whether or not to get farm insurance.
  • What kind of animals are you keeping on your property? Larger animals like cows or horses may give your property a business exposure that requires you to get more protection.
  • Are there workers on your property? If you have employees who help with the crops or animals, they are a potential liability. Minnesota law requires that most employees be protected with workers’ compensation insurance.

Buying a Farm Insurance Policy

At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we can help you go through all your options and help you look at your situation to see if you need farm insurance. Your policy will be individualized to fit your circumstances because every situation is different.

If you are in Little Falls, MN and thinking about whether you should get farm insurance, call Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. today so we can show you all your options.

Top Reasons You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is something that a lot of people do not really think about until they need to. But how do you know if you need to think about getting it in Little Falls, MN? Usually, someone asks you if you have considered it. However, what if you could get ahead of the ask and get life insurance when you know you need it, not just when someone suggests it. Here at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we are here to help you better know when to purchase.

  • Do you have children or a spouse who relies on your income? If so, you likely want to have a life insurance policy that will help to keep them on their feet while they figure out what to do next.
  • Do you want to leave your family money when you pass? While this is not a necessity to do, this is something that many people consider when taking out a life insurance policy.
  • Have you allotted any money to funeral costs? This is not something that you want your family to worry about when you pass. You should ensure there is enough life insurance money to at least cover this cost. 
  • Do you have debt? This is also something that you do not want to burden your family with after you are gone. There are some types of debt that will live on after you and need to be paid either way. Make sure you have enough to cover these debts at a minimum.

Insurance can be complicated but here at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. serving Little Falls, MN we want to make sure that you get what you need at the price you need. Be sure to reach out to us to learn more and get your free quote today.