Types of Homeowners’ Insurance

It can be very confusing when shopping around for homeowner’s insurance. You want to make sure that your home is protected, since it is the most expensive thing that you will ever own. 

So, what types of coverage is available with your homeowner’s policy. 

Coverage A covers the dwelling. This means that it will cover any damage that occurs to your home. It also covers any attached garages and fencing that is on your property. 

Coverage B is for other structures. This will pay for any damage to other structures on your property, like your garage and pool. 

Coverage C is for your personal property. This includes most things that you have in your home, such as your furniture and clothing. You will be covered if theft occurs and certain items are stolen. That being said, if you own things that are more expensive than most, you may want to look into getting some extra coverage. 

Coverage D covers loss of use. This will cover any costs for you to stay in a hotel or somewhere else if your home needs major renovations. 

Coverage E is for liability. This will protect you and your family if someone gets injured on your property. It will cover your legal expenses if you end up getting sued. 

Coverage F is for medical payments. Medical payments will cover the medical bills of anyone who is injured on your property. 

Since it can be confusing when it comes to buying homeowners insurance, you are going to want to talk to a professional about your options. You may need more insurance in some areas, depending on what you do in your home. 

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Required Commercial Insurance in Minnesota

When you have a business in Minnesota, it’s important to have all of the commercial insurance types that you need in order to protect that business. There are some types that are required by law and others that aren’t required but are extremely helpful to many types of businesses. If you don’t have the commercial insurance coverage you need, contact us at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. in Little Falls, MN.

Workers’ Compensation

This type of insurance pays for the medical bills and lost wages that are needed when an employee gets injured while at work. This is important coverage to protect your business from most lawsuits due to injuries. It also provides workers with disability benefits when injured. Sole proprietors are excluded from this mandatory insurance, as are corporate officers and partners. Otherwise, every business must have this for every employee they have. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your Minnesota business owns a vehicle, it is required to be covered by a commercial auto policy. This policy must have a number of different coverage types within it to protect your business as well as others who are affected by an accident. There is an amount of coverage that is required for one person for bodily injury liability in an accident and another amount required for everyone in the accident who is injured. There is also an amount required for property damage liability. All of these coverage types pay for other people’s injuries and property when your vehicle causes an accident. 

There is also an amount required for one person who is injured in an accident that is caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver and another amount for everyone who is injured in such an accident. Lastly, there is an amount required for personal injury protection that pays for injuries to your driver and/or the passengers. 

Get Covered

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