Is the coverage for my business vehicles similar to the coverage for my personal car?

Business vehicles and personal vehicles have very different needs and concerns to address. When you are looking for coverage for company cars and trucks in Little Falls, Minnesota, the appropriate type of policy and coverage will differ from a plan that is designed for a personal car.

Commercial Plans

A commercial insurance policy for vehicles is different from a personal policy because it focuses on the specific needs of a company. Unlike an individual driver, a company has a higher risk of facing court cases and liability concerns if an accident occurs.

Companies have a higher concern regarding the possibility of facing a liability lawsuit. Furthermore, a business must protect every potential driver, even if a particular employee is unlikely to operate the vehicle.

Number of Vehicles

The number of vehicles that the company owns may also contribute to the appropriate insurance policy. Depending on the situation, you may need to purchase protection for a fleet of cars, which is a very different type of commercial plan. A fleet of vehicles means that you need to obtain appropriate protection for all of the vehicles that are registered to the company.

Even if your business only has one or two trucks, it may still be necessary to buy a plan that is different from a personal policy. The reason relates to the possible risk of other individuals driving the car. Depending on the number of employees with access to the car, the amount of coverage that you need will vary.

A company has very different needs when compared to an individual. As a result, the type of insurance that you need for vehicles may differ dramatically. Contact Hanneken Insurance to talk to an independent agent for more information about your options.