What is not covered under Private Car Insurance in Saint Cloud, MN

Buying a private car insurance policy in Saint Cloud, MN can protect your vehicle in certain situations, but that does not mean every possible problem is covered. There are times when you may need to purchase additional protection for your private vehicle.

Using the Car for Business

Although most insurance providers will pay for any damages to the vehicle when you drive to and from work, you can expect that additional driving as part of a work errand may not be covered. For example, you may not be covered if you drive your car to run errands for your boss or to pick up lunch for the entire office.

You may need to purchase additional coverage if there is any chance that your vehicle will be used for your work. It is particularly important if you plan to use the vehicle for work errands on a regular basis.

Personal Medical Bills

Although you are usually protected for liability concerns, including the medical bills of another party when you cause an accident, most insurance policies will have limited coverage for your personal medical bills unless you buy additional protection.

When you do not cause the accident, the other driver’s insurance is usually responsible for your medical bills; however, there are times when you may need additional coverage to pay for bills that exceed the amount that the other driver’s insurance will pay. You may want to purchase additional coverage if you are concerned about personal injuries in an accident.

You are not required to purchase comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, but there are times when additional coverage may be appropriate for your needs. To learn more about protecting your vehicle, contact us to talk to an independent agent today.