Commercial Insurance: An Intelligent Way To Protect Your Business

Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. is in business to make certain that your business is taking care of business instead of harboring needless concern about your insurance liability. As we serve the great people of Minnesota we and all the residents of our great state pride ourselves on providing every type of protection for all we come in contact with. Insurance needs are not different.

As much as we try to avoid them, unfortunately accidents happen and it is an intelligent decision to protect yourself, your family and your business before the incident occurs. In this way you are guarding yourself against the inevitable.

Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. hosts a creative, knowledgeable and efficient staff of agents who have acute awareness of the common and not so common events that can transpire at your place of business. Serving our clients and appropriately informing you of some “mishappens” that really do happen is our way of ensuring that your commercial insurance procurement experience is the absolute best it can be.

Intelligent Points of Consideration When it Comes to Commercial Insurance

How many individuals call my business their place of employ? What can occur to them while they are on the job that I am responsible for? Are they driving company vehicles and if so are they insured if they are hurt or if they hurt someone while they are driving my company’s car? Is the company car properly insured?

Liability changes depending on if you own the structure that houses your business or if you are leasing the structure. How is the liability different in each case?

This is only the beginning of the intelligent discourse that must transpire with your agent. Call us today.  

At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. it doesn’t stop with commercial insurance. Please consider us to assist you with acquiring all of your life, automotive, recreational vehicle insurance needs with intelligence, professional concern and unparalleled ability.