Do You Farm? Protect Your Livelihood with Farm Insurance

If you make your living by farming, make sure it is protected. Farm insurance provides liability protection for bodily injury, medical expenses, and property damage like home insurance. The Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. provides the insurance needs of those in and around Little Falls, MN.

Farm insurance is a hybrid form of coverage for commercial and personal protection. Farm insurance covers personal property related directly to the farming operation. The three categories of coverage are:

  • Farm equipment and machinery
  • Livestock
  • Farming products such as seed, silage, fertilizers, pesticides, and animal feed

In addition to the liability protection it offers, it will pay legal fees if you are sued for any injury or damage that is farm related. This is important if you have people employed to work on your farm.

The difference between homeowners insurance and farm insurance is that farm insurance is designed to provide wider coverage for outbuildings, such as barns, equipment, and vehicles used for farm operations.

Like a standard homeowners policy, farm insurance will cover your home and possessions and provide personal liability coverage. But it also provides coverage for livestock and machinery but does not provide coverage for your crops.

Farm insurance is a highly customized policy. You start with basic coverage, then add additional options based on your business and home needs. Because each farm is unique, it is not unusual for an agent to visit the farm to ensure the property is adequately covered.

To ensure your livelihood is protected from loss, contact Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. insurance professionals to meet with one of their experts. Don’t allow your means of income to be put at risk. You will be glad you did.