Does Commercial Insurance Cover Flooding?

If you are considering starting a new business, or are in the process of finding the right type of insurance for your company, then you may have questions about specifics which are outlined in the policy. For example, you may wonder if your commercial insurance policy offers protection from flooding. Knowing the terms and conditions of your insurance is the best way to make sure you have complete coverage without gaps that can cost you money.

Flooding Isn’t Included

Flooding is covered by flood insurance rather than commercial insurance. In order to provide protection from flooding, you will need to purchase separate flood insurance. Keep in mind that flooding of business vehicles is not covered in your flood insurance policy. Flooding of vehicles is covered by your car’s comprehensive insurance. Discuss finding the coverage you need to protect your business from damage incurred by flood waters with a knowledgeable insurance agent. 

Working With A Good Provider

The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for commercial insurance is finding a reputable provider. Companies like Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. serving the businesses located in and around the Little Falls, MN area, can guide you through the process and offer solutions that are designed to give you protection without gaps that can cause financial losses. They work closely with prospective customers to help tailor their insurance products to fit their special set of circumstances. 

For more information about Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. for businesses located in and around the Little Falls, MN area, call or stop by the office to speak with a representative. Let them give you the information you need to make an informed decision to protect the future of your company tomorrow.