Tools Every Driver Should Have in Their Car

Being stranded along the highway is a terrible feeling. If you don’t have roadside assistance, then you are at the mercy of car that is driving by, and even that may not be safe. Instead of hoping and waiting for someone to help you, you should have the following tools in your vehicle at all times so that you can help yourself.

You Should Always Have an a Gas Can Available

There are many days you unconsciously test how far your car will go with the gas light on. Unfortunately, drivers put a lot of faith in their gas light, but it could be faulty. To avoid this, you should always keep an empty gas can in your vehicle, just in case you run out of gas. Since it’s likely you won’t be far from a gas station in Little Falls, MN, you won’t have far to walk before you are back with gas for your vehicle.

Fix-a-Flat Should Be in Your Car Permanently

Getting a flat is one of the most common reasons people use their roadside assistance. Instead of relying on your roadside assistance, which limits how many times you can call, place a can of fix-a-flat in your car. With Fix-a-Flat, you will have the ability to drive to a repair shop and get your tire repaired.

A Multi-Head Screwdriver and Wrench

At Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc., we believe that you should be prepared for anything that may go wrong with your car. As a result, you should always have a multi-head screwdriver and wrench in your car. Although you may not know what to do with it, someone who stops to assist you may be able to use it.

At Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. we offer a host of insurance options to ensure you are safe on the road, including roadside assistance. You can visit our website to take a look at our coverage options.