Farm Insurance Basics

Your farm could be your primary business or just a hobby. However, when losses occur, they affect the financial performance and may pose a backlash that could prove challenging to recover. This is why you need to consider farm insurance in Little Falls MN. Farm insurance rules vary from one state to the other, and Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. understands what it takes to provide coverage that is in agreement with Little Falls, MN rules, and that is suitable for you.

The basics

Farm insurance coverage varies depending on customer’s needs. However, whether for small, medium or large farms, Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. has what it takes. Some of the basic farm insurance policies are:

Liability insurance

The coverage protects you from liabilities arising from your farm and its operations. These include injuries to third parties and employees. The coverage also caters for lawsuit costs in case you are sued.

Farm property insurance

Depending on how you want to customize farm property insurance, it can cater for incidences such as fire, theft, hailstorms, floods and other accidents that can destroy farm property. Farm properties include buildings and their contents, machinery, livestock, crops, farm working dogs, and fences just to mention a few.

Business interruption coverage

At times, conditions necessary for the proper running of a farm are interrupted. This could be as a result of adverse weather or any other interruption. At such moments, losses are incurred, and business interruption coverage comes in handy to ensure that your financial position is not affected by the disruptions.

The basic point of getting a farm insurance coverage is to protect your farm, properties, and the business at large. As such, deciding what coverage best suits you could be challenging. This is why our team of skilled and experienced staff is here to help you understand various concepts and how they affect your coverage. Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. ensures that you make a sound decision and get an optimal farm insurance coverage in Little Falls, MN. Contact us today or visit our site for more information to get started.