Got a Teen Driver? Check Out These Possible Discounts with Your Auto Insurer

It may be a milestone that your child is excited about, but seeing them become a licensed driver can definitely bring out some concerns for you as a parent–especially since your auto insurance is bound to go up. Fortunately, just because you have a high-risk driver now listed on your policy, it does not mean there are not ways to save money. Here are a few opportunities for discounts and savings you should check out with Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc, an insurance company serving Little Falls, MN.

Good Student Driver Discounts

When you child obtains their learner’s permit, there could be even more of a reason for them to keep their grades up at school. Some insurance companies do offer good student driver discounts for teens who keep a good grade point average in school. 

Multi-Car Discounts

If bringing your child on as a licensed driver also means adding another vehicle to your insurance policy, there may be an opportunity for you to save. Multi-car discounts are applicable if you have more than one car to cover on your insurance policy. 

Driving Behavior Monitoring Discounts

One of the relatively modern ways to save with auto insurance is with companies that offer discounts based on usual driving behavior. For this discount, you usually have to plug a small monitor into your vehicle that keeps tabs on things like usual speed, sudden braking, and acceleration patterns. Not only will this give your teen a reason to stay cautious and safe while they drive, with good behavior, you could be rewarded with a discount. 

In the end, seeing your child get their driver’s license shouldn’t be a financial burden. Contact us at Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. serving Little Falls, MN to find out more about discounts you could b eligible for.