Health Insurance is Beneficial at Any Age

Don’t think just because you’re young you don’t have to have health insurance. Although laws require everyone to have insurance currently, you might feel as though you shouldn’t have to because you’re young. However, age doesn’t play a role in your need for health insurance.

1. Accidents Happen Anytime

Accidents like broken bones happen anytime; it doesn’t matter how old or young you are. You could slice your finger at any time and require stitches. You could get into a car accident. The possibilities are endless, and sometimes you just can’t prevent accidents from occurring. Keep in mind, if you don’t have insurance through Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., you might find a costly medical bill in the mail shortly after the incident. 

2. Sickness Happens

Sickness isn’t going to stay away from you just because you don’t have insurance. A serious infection may happen at any time. If you’re around the general public in Little Falls, MN, you could acquire a number of illnesses, some that require urgent medical care. Diseases like cancer don’t have an age limit, so your doctor may diagnose you at any age. Having insurance will allow you to get tested sooner and have a better prognosis. 

3. Extensive Treatment

You might feel as though you can easily afford the small doctor’s bills you accrue and a minor medical expense every now and then. However, you might find yourself in a predicament where you need therapy or have to remain in the hospital for several days. Let’s say you need physical rehabilitation after an accident. Could you afford to spend thousands? 

4. Preventative Medicine

Following recommendations for preventative medical care can get costly, especially if you get all the lab work done you should have each year. Insurance covers these expenses. 

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