How to Repurpose Your Cleaning Supplies in Little Falls

Cleaning supplies are lifesavers and they keep our homes germ-free and safe. However, have you been seeing them for what they’re worth? They can actually do more than you give them credit for. Remember these tips the next time you break out the bucket. 

Ovens and Tubs 

Your oven cleaner can be more than that when you use it on a white porcelain tub. Stains can build up frequently, and oven cleaner packs a heavy one-two punch when it comes to getting your tub to gleam again. If you use it, though, just be extra careful it doesn’t end up anywhere else but in your tub. 

Bugs and Weeds 

Window washing fluid can be used as an effective pest killer when you unexpectedly see one (or several) in your home, and liquid soap can help you kill the weeds in your sidewalks. You’ll need a classic chip pairing if you’re going to kill those weeds, though: a cup of salt and a gallon of vinegar. Take one tablespoon of dishwashing soap and then pour it all in. 

First Aid and Clogged Drains 

Liquid soap actually makes a cheap ice pack, and it will melt very slowly, which is great for the afflicted. You can also use denture tablets broken in half to unclog the drain. You’ll just need to drop them down and then run hot water over it to get the bubbles going to break up the clog. 

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