Improve Your Driving Skills For The Winter

Living in Pine River also means having to deal with the cold weather and the harsh winter conditions that can impact your driving. You want to make sure you do all you can to improve your driving skills so you are prepared for what winter is going to bring.

The roads of Minnesota can be dangerous if you aren’t prepared. Plan on stopping your car with jumper cables, tow strap, a flashlight, a shovel, as well as winter attire. This way, if you have to change a tire or do something else, you are not only warm, but well prepared.

Winter Tires/Chains

Depending upon where you are driving, you may need to install chains on your tires. Otherwise, you should plan on having winter tires and it is going to provide you with additional traction so that you can deal with the snow and ice more appropriately.

Don’t Rely on 4-Wheel Drive

4-Wheel drive can provide you with additional traction, but it isn’t going to help you with cornering or braking power. This is a common mistake that many people make – and you don’t want to rely too heavily on it as it can result in a collision if you aren’t careful.

Establish a Safety Bubble

You are going to be safer on the road with a safety bubble around you. This means allowing enough space between you and the other drivers, especially the car in front of you. It can take 10 times longer to start on ice or snow than on dry pavement, and you don’t want to rear end a car simply because you didn’t allow sufficient space.

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