Auto Insurance Agents in Sartell, MN

Your car is an essential piece of your everyday life. You need it to get to school, work, and everywhere in between. If you live someone that doesn’t have a workable public transportation system and you get in an accident, you’re left hanging on the favors of friends and family to get you back and forth between work. This is frustrating if you are on the hook for your repair cost because you only have liability insurance and there are issues with the other party’s insurance company, or lack thereof.

Insurance agents in Sartell, MN can tell you about additional coverage options that expand what you have beyond liability. You pay more monthly, but it’s worth it when you aren’t dealing with paying out of pocket for repairs just so you can get your car back up and running. The first additional insurance option to look at is collision. This insurance option deals with striking vehicles and objects and the damage caused by that collision. This is a good option to have if you have a higher value car, and you don’t know that someone’s liability insurance would cover the cost of a totaled car or the repairs if it doesn’t total it.

Comprehensive insurance gives you a policy that provides protection when your car gets broken into, stolen, damaged during storage, or other situations that involve non typical damage. If you live in a high crime neighborhood, this is a good insurance option to pursue.

When you’re looking into auto insurance, use free online quotes to figure out the difference between a liability only policy and adding in additional coverage.