Keep Your Emergency Kit in Your Auto Stocked Up

Winter is here and with the cold temperatures comes blizzards, icy roads and hazardous conditions. Now is the time to make sure you are ready to handle the wintry roads around Little Falls, MN by checking up on your emergency auto kit and making sure it is completely stocked. The folks at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. have created this handy checklist to make sure you have it all.

  1. Shovel: The chance to slide into a snowbank, or simply struggle to pull out of a parking lot can be a reality. The handy collapsible shovel won’t take up much space and will send you on your way without calling for a tow truck.
  2. Jug of Kitty Litter or Sand: To help you gain a little extra traction in an icy spot, toss some of the sand in front of the slipping wheel, wait a minute for the ice to soften and drive on.
  3. Battery Charger and/or Cables: Winter is when your battery will give up the ghost as it struggles to maintain a charge through sub-zero temperatures. Your roadside assistance company might not be able to come to your rescue for hours. A portable battery charger can get you home to safety without delay.
  4. Flares and Flashlight: When stranded on the side of the road in a storm, you need to help others see you. Make sure those flares haven’t fallen apart after years of rolling around the trunk and replace them if needed.
  5. Blanket and Snacks: Being stranded during a blizzard is a reality around here. If conditions are too dangerous, you might be forced to wait for help to arrive. Even that scratchy old blanket you dumped in the garage will provide welcome warmth at such a time. Store some protein bars in the glove box as well.

For more safety tips and information on auto insurance in the Little Falls, MN area, give the Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. a call to talk to one of our friendly agents.