Am I Liable For Property Damage In My Accident?

Throughout Minnesota, there are a number of attractions. It’s the home of the Mall of America, many different national parks and forests, and more. The state is known for a lot of snow during the winter months as well as mild summers.

When you’re driving around, you need to make sure your auto insurance provides plenty of protection. If you are involved in an accident, you could be liable for everything, and that includes property damage.

The property damage that you encounter depends on the accident. It can include:

– Damage to the other car

– Damage to a home or business

– Damage to city fixtures such as light poles and bridges

– Signage

There is no way to estimate how much damage you are going to do to property before an accident. Some accidents only cause a few hundred dollars of damage while others can cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

You will be held liable for the property you damage in Minnesota and that’s why it’s important to have auto insurance. The minimum state requirement holds that property damage is part of the liability insurance. The number can be higher than the state minimum and this can offer more protection for you financially.

If you are involved in an accident, you want auto insurance to cover it all. If the damages are higher than what you have on your policy, you would be financially responsible for the rest.

Adding tens of thousands of dollars of coverage on property damage liability insurance is not very expensive. You may be surprised by how affordable your policy can still be.

Call one of our agents today where we can get quotes for higher levels of coverage so you are always protected against property damage.