Fire & Smoke: An Expensive One-Two Punch

Our cold Minnesota winters can sometimes have us searching for any help in staying warm. Space heaters, kerosene heaters, and fireplaces can all be a source of additional warmth. Of course, each must be used appropriately and with caution.

Kerosene heaters should never be left lit after going to bed or when not at home. Electric heaters should always be kept at least three feet away from anything flammable. Fireplaces can become a danger as creosote builds inside the chimney or vent pipes. Taking the appropriate safety steps can be simple, but fires can still occur. When they do, they can create an expensive one-two punch.

Even small fires can create an enormous amount of smoke. While the fire itself may be quickly contained, the smoke can travel throughout your home. This smoke and the resulting soot can leave an extraordinary mess than can be difficult to clean. Many times smoke damaged items are simply easier to replace. When you realize how smoke and soot can quickly get into clothing, furniture, bedding, carpeting and more, you can understand how expensive it can be to recover.

This is where having the right amount of homeowners insurance is so valuable. But the time to make sure your coverage is adequate is before you experience fire and smoke damage. We can help you with an insurance review to give you peace of mind, and to shore of your coverage where it may be lacking.

As an independent agency in Minnesota, we can search many companies looking for the best coverage for you at a price you can feel comfortable with. See for yourself online. Visit our website and request a comparative quote. You can also request a similar quote for your auto insurance.

If you live in Minnesota, don’t let a fire devastate what you have work so hard for. Contact us today.