It is Time for Spring Cleaning. Do You Know How You Can Prolong the Life of Your Home?

Most people consider their home their greatest financial asset. For some it can be a financial strain, the balance is often in the shape of the home.  There are certain spring cleaning chores that will make sure that your home stays safe and attractive for many years to come because an ounce of prevention is worth gold. Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. serving Little Falls, MN and the surrounding areas know the true value of a home and can cover your greatest asset in home insurance year round. 

Ways to Prolong Life of Your Home Each Spring

  • Check for winter water damage. If a little water got in then froze it may have cause warped roofing or attic materials which can allow in more water and ice next season. Checking for winter water damage is a vital way to prolong the life of your roof and to prevent further damage and costs. 
  • Sweep roof and clean out gutters. This chore ensures that the debris is not rotting against roofing material, a rotting roof can spread damage throughout the attic quickly and mold or water damage can be hard to get rid of. 
  • Clean any debris away from the footing of home, trim any extra brush. These materials will naturally rot and this rot can spread the home depending on the building materials. The debris also encourages bugs to hang out near the home so clearing out any organic matter is vital. 

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What Kind of Health Insurance Plan Should I Pick?

Having a solid health insurance policy is essential. If you live in the Little Falls, MN area, Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. serves residents in the area and can help you find the right health insurance plan for you and your family.

Where do I Begin?

Consider what you need to think about first when you begin searching for a health insurance policy. Will you be picking a single, or a family-based health insurance policy? Then comes the cost. Cost often falls at the top of the list because you want something that will be affordable.  

When looking through policy options, it’s imperative to read the fine print. Be careful about hidden costs and out-of-pocket expenses. Some policies also require additional deductibles based on procedures that you are receiving, etc. Lastly, check for the out-of-pocket max, which is the maximum amount that you can pay before the insurance company becomes liable for 100% of the remaining costs.

How Much Will You Need?

Identifying your health insurance needs in Little Falls, MN can be tricky when you are healthy. Thus, you must consider factors like your health history- and that of your family- including sicknesses that you may be prone to based on your genetic makeup.

Health insurance plans typically fall under Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum categories. The lower the medal category, the higher your deductibles will be. Less will be covered by the insurance itself and there will be higher out-of-pocket premiums.

Bronze plans typically work for healthy, young and single individuals that don’t take prescription drugs or visit the doctor often outside of general checkups.

Silver policies cover more and work for families or single individuals with no ongoing health issues that want coverage for prescription drugs and unexpected illnesses. Silver plans are ideal for families.

Gold & Platinum policies have considerably higher monthly premiums, but much lower deductibles. These plans are ideal for those with ongoing health issues and frequently taking prescription drugs.

Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you find an affordable health insurance policy. Contact us for a free quote.




Being Cost-Conscious, Minimal Auto Coverage is a Good Idea, Right?

Folks in Little Falls, MN who are really watching their dollars can be forgiven for being a bit reactive to costs. After all, if there is a way to squeeze a bit more out of an expense, it should be a followup. However, in the world of auto insurance, cheapest is not always best. In fact, it works the opposite. A low-cost policy more often than not means low coverage, and that could be a big financial mistake overall. The problem has to do with liability. Just because one has a low-cost policy doesn’t mean that liability goes away and gets taken care of entirely by an insurance provider. Where a party is responsible for an accident and his policy doesn’t cover all the costs of recovery, the party can still personally be held responsible for the outstanding difference. And that can translate into wage garnishments, liens and more ugly tools of the collection after a judgment is awarded in a Little Falls, MN court.

No surprise then, a more comprehensive policy that provides greater coverage overall actually can save a person money if liability is found and has to be addressed, according to Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. A larger policy may cost a bit more in premium, but if it fully addresses the costs of a recovery, than it actually helped a party avoid more out of pocket expenses from auto accident risk. To find out more about how comprehensive insurance helps solve accident problems better, given the expert staff at Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. a call. They can walk you through examples, showing why just focusing on cost isn’t the best approach overall with auto insurance.

Does Your Hobby Farm Need Farm Insurance?

Many people are beginning to enjoy back-to-nature lifestyles by buying several acres out in the country near Little Falls, MN and raising animals and garden produce. But, what kind of insurance does a farm need? When does a hobby farm become a "real farm"? What happens if your horse gets out and someone is injured? These tips from Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you with these questions.

Homeowners or a Farm Policy?

For some hobby farms, like those with just a pony and a few chickens, homeowner’s insurance will probably cover your needs. If your hobby farm is simply something fun that you like to do on the weekends and evenings, or you just like raising food to feed your family, you probably don’t need anything more than a  homeowner’s policy. Keep in mind, though, that homeowner’s policies may not cover expensive improvements like large barns or expensive equipment. If your hobby farm begins to turn into a more extensive operation, it may be time to call the insurance company and adjust your coverage.

Are You Making Money?

If you’re a full-time farmer, then you definitely need a farm policy. But, there is a gray area where you’re still a farmer, but not necessarily in need of a farm policy. Some insurance companies offer hobby farm policies for those who may sell produce at farmer’s markets or offer baby chicks for sale a few times a year. These policies are generally for people who just use their farm to make small amounts of money to supplement their off-the-farm income. 

Farm Liability Insurance

Many of a farmer’s daily jobs come with an element of risk. Driving large, powerful tractors and handling animals that weigh a thousand pounds or more are a part of daily life for many who live on farms. Most farmers know the risks and work carefully, but when other non-farm people are exposed to these experiences, terrible things can happen. A farm liability policy will protect you from a lawsuit if someone is injured on your farm. Even trespassers may try to sue if they are injured on your property, so a liability policy can help you rest more easily at night.

If you have questions about farm policies in the Little Falls, MN area, contact Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc.

Can I add dependents to my health insurance at any time?

If you live with your family in Little Falls, MN, you may already have your health insurance policy through Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc.. Having health insurance is a legal requirement, but even more importantly, it protects your family and helps make sure you can all get the necessary medical care you need. 

Because of the new laws regarding health insurance, it has become easier to purchase it through the marketplace. A new policy can be purchased at any time someone first enters the marketplace, but buying outside of the open enrollment period may keep you from getting tax breaks or other savings based on how much you earn.

The open enrollment period is the time at the end of the season where people can sign up for a new policy, change from one policy to another without penalty, or add dependents. You will normally not be allowed to add dependents outside of this period. 

If you are experiencing certain kinds of life events, you will be eligible for a special enrollment period. For instance, if you got divorced, you can enroll in a health insurance policy if the divorce caused you to lose your insurance. 

This special enrollment period can be used to add dependents. If you got married to someone who already has children, your marriage will qualify you for the special enrollment period and you will be allowed to add the children to your insurance if you want. 

You want to make sure that you are taking care of your family as well as possible. If you live in Little Falls, MN, please feel free to contact Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. so we can help you make sure your insurance covers everything you need. 

What to Expect When Buying a Health Insurance Plan From the Health Insurance Marketplace

If you have changed jobs and no longer have health insurance or your insurer is dropping family plans, you may find yourself looking to purchase health insurance through the health insurance marketplace. If this is your first time buying health insurance from the marketplace, you may not understand what to expect. Here at Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc., serving the greater Little Falls, MN area, we want to make the process as easy on you as possible. Here is what you can expect when buying a health insurance plan from the health insurance marketplace. 

Buying During Open Enrollment Periods

Unless you have changed jobs, lost your health insurance or had a life event as defined by the health insurance marketplace guidelines, you can only purchase health insurance from the marketplace during open enrollment periods. Open enrollment begins in October and ends December 15. 

Being Asked About Your Income

When you look for health insurance plans within the marketplace, you will be asked about your income. Your income helps to show whether you will be eligible for any credits or special programs, like federal or state health insurance programs. There is not any way to opt of inputting your income information. 

Selecting a Plan

After inputting all of your information, you will be asked to select a plan. The marketplace will show you all of the different plans available to you, their cost and what their deductible and coverage limits and amounts are. 

Navigating the health insurance marketplace can be challenging. If you are looking for help navigating the website or selecting a plan, Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc., serving the greater Little Falls, MN area can help you. Contact us today to get started. 

Life Insurance Quirks That You Have To Know Before Buying A Policy

At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we have seen too many Little Falls MN residents struggle to understand their life insurance. The weird quirks of these policies make it important to understand the full nature of this coverage type.

Policies Need Specific Details

A policy that doesn’t spell out all the parties to the contract, including the insurer, the insured, and the beneficiary, it will be worth very little to you. That’s because a good policy needs all of this exact information to provide you with detailed and high-quality coverage.

Extra Insurance May Not Be Necessary

Too many people get excessive life insurance policies without realizing that they may not need this coverage. For example, it is possible for a person to pay about $77 per year on a $50,000 policy without getting credit life insurance. Those who get this type of coverage receive the same amount of money but spend nearly $400 a year. That extra insurance isn’t necessary.

Permanent And Flexible Policies Are Complex

Permanent policies for life insurance let you create a flexible policy that will change depending on a variety of factors. An increasing death benefit typically provides you with more cash but costs more to buy. As a result, it is often best to choose a stable policy because the extra money paid out is often balanced by the increased premium payments.

Timing Is Everything

One fact that is important to remember about life insurance is that you need to buy it at the right time. Your premiums are going to go up little by little the longer you wait. Experts state that it is probably best to buy life insurance when you are around 30-35 years old.

You Can Avoid These Problems

If you live in Little Falls, MN and want to steer clear of these dangers, contact us at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. We service the surrounding area and will provide you with a policy that you can trust.

3 Reasons Why You Need Commercial Life Insurance

Personal life insurance policies protect the financial interests of your loved ones. Business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other independent and high wage earners in the Little Falls, MN area can increase their family’s safety net with commercial life insurance policies. Here are 3 ways these policies complement a comprehensive, long-term financial plan.

  • Commercial life insurance ensures that your business interests pass into the right hands. Business partners may agree to buy out the other’s share of the company upon their death. This gives dependents a large source of cash that can be invested and provide vital income for many years. Make sure your partner has the funds to complete that agreement by naming them as the beneficiary of your commercial life insurance policy. They won’t have to sell off pieces of the company to come up with the necessary, and your family will receive their maximum benefit from the sale.
  • Are you planning a large-scale expansion of your business operations? Commercial life insurance policies will cover the costs of incomplete plans if you pass away suddenly. That means your family won’t have to bear the financial burden of any loans or liens. The experts at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can help you decide how much coverage you need to protect all the important things in your life.
  • In small operations, every employee is essential. If one of your key people suddenly passes away or becomes permanently unable to work, your commercial life insurance policy will keep you afloat while you change your game plan. Use the payout to find and train a new employee and to supplement lost income. The loss of a key employee doesn’t have to mean the loss of your livelihood.

The experts at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can help you assess your commercial life insurance needs in the Little Falls, MN area. Contact us now for more information.

Why Bother With Home Insurance

Your home might be the most valuable investment in your life, and it’s important to protect it from unforeseen circumstances. Home insurance helps to renovate, replace or rebuild your home and your personal belongings in times like this. Even though home insurance isn’t a mandatory requirement in Little Falls, MN, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with it.
Here are the reasons why:
It protects your home against calamities
The policy covers your home from man-made calamities such as theft, fires, vandalism, and any malicious damages. It also covers your home against natural calamities such as storms, fire, lightning, etc. If a covered loss causes damage or destroys your home, this policy will repair or replace it.
It protects you against liabilities
Home insurance protects you against financial liability claims against you or any other members of your family. These include property liability and bodily injury liability to a third party visiting your home. The policy will help you cover any lawsuits.
It can help you get a loan
Just like auto insurance financing, most lenders require home insurance before financing your home, and some give preference to those customers who have this policy when inquiring a home loan.
It protects your valuables
Apart from protecting the structure, it also protects your valuable assets such as jewelry, furniture, appliances and much more against theft, loss, or damage. Having to re-purchase these assets may prove difficult after a loss, so, having enough coverage is necessary.
It provides you with financial stability 
If a covered loss renders your home inhabitable, you might have to get temporary residence while it’s being rebuilt or renovated. Home insurance will cover any additional living expenses you may incur during that period.
Finding the help of a knowledgeable local agent at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc in Little Falls, MN will give you a chance to determine which coverage option is essential for your home. At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we provide affordable insurance policies. So, talk to us today and secure your financial future.

Everything you’ve wanted to Know about Auto Insurance

Did you know that your car comes third in places you spend most of your time after home and office? It is also a significant part of your investment where you spend a lot of money. Most of the money goes to repairs, pump, and maintenance. Auto insurance is vital and a requirement. 

All auto insurance policies are not equal. You need to comprehend the terms, legal requirements in your state and compare various covers. Insurance agents don’t decide the type of auto insurance for you, but rather help you understand some of the jargons you will come across in your quest. Here are some lingoes you need to know:

Premiums are the regular amount of money you pay to keep your coverage active. They are not fixed but vary from one person to another depending on age, driving experience, sex, driving history record and car state or type. Some insurance companies may check your occupation and credit score. 
It is worth noting that the amount of premium is directly related to how coverage you get. High premiums imply great coverage and vice versa.

Collision Coverage 
When you are involved in an accident, and your car is destroyed or damaged, collision coverage policy covers all the costs of repairs or replacement. The crash may be a collision with another car or hitting a stationary object or if an uninsured driver hits your car. 

Comprehensive Coverage 
This misnomer term is misinterpreted by most people to mean complete coverage. However, comprehensive insurance protects you from financial losses resulting from other accidents other than collision. Natural disasters, fire, and theft are some of the perils.

Deductibles are the amount of cash you pay in person in case of car loss or damage before the insurance policy kicks in to meet remaining costs. 

Liability Coverage 
In most states, liability coverage is obligatory. If you cause an accident and injure or damage other people’s property, it is fair to meet resultant expenses.

Do you need auto insurance? Get in touch with Hanneken Insurance serving Minnesota residents.