Protect Yourself with Health Insurance

Do you think you are too young for health insurance?

You feel you have always been healthy, so there is no need for protection? This is incorrect thinking. If you live in or around Little Falls, MN, the Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can explain why health insurance is important.

Accidents or illnesses can occur to anyone at any time or age. Traffic accidents often involve young people. Sports injuries that can cripple a young man for life also happen. Don’t let an illness, injury, or accident dictate your financial future.

Did you know the cost of a broken leg can be as high as $20,000? Major surgery can destroy the finances of a family without health insurance. Why not allow the expenses of a catastrophic event to be shared by a health insurance provider?

Health insurance protects you from paying high out-of-pocket costs if an illness, injury, or accident befalls you. An ambulance and hospital bills on top of that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Four out of ten Americans cannot cover an unexpected $1000 medical bill. Therefore, it becomes a huge, almost insurmountable burden without the help you can receive from health insurance.

Here are some additional reasons why health insurance is necessary.

  • Our changing lifestyles have made us more prone to various health conditions. Commuting, unhealthy diets, hectic work schedules, poor food quality, and rising pollution put us at risk of developing health problems.
  • Coverage for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses are covered. The outpatient expenses, such as diagnostic testing, have also risen. No need to pay these costs out of pocket. Let health insurance handle the payment.
  • Preventive care is probably the best reason to purchase health insurance. Most companies will provide a yearly exam at little or no cost to the patient. This care prevents or catches an illness by early detection.

Don’t be caught without health insurance! It’s good for the entire family. Let Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. provide a quote to get you started. Contact us today.