Can I renew my insurance without an inspection?

When it comes to renewing your auto policy in Brainerd, Minnesota, you may not be required to obtain an emissions inspection. Since your insurer may allow you to renew a policy every six months rather than one year, they may allow you to renew your policy without getting a new inspection. Furthermore, some insurance providers may not require any proof that you have obtained an inspection on your vehicle.

State Laws

Although it may be wise to have a safety inspection of the vehicle on a regular basis, the state of Minnesota does not require an emissions inspection unless the vehicle is a commercial truck or car that weighs 26,000 pounds or transports hazardous materials.

While the state laws may not require an inspection, your insurer may ask that you have the vehicle checked for emissions and safety before providing insurance the first time you purchase the policy.

Policy Requirements

The policy requirements on your vehicle may vary based on the insurer rather than the state laws. Some insurers may have requirements regarding regular inspections and similar programs, but other companies may not require that you have the vehicle checked before providing coverage.

When it comes to renewing a policy, most insurers do not ask for a new inspection. If it has been a full year or more since you first obtained the policy, your insurance provider may ask for a safety review to ensure that the vehicle is still safe for the road.

It is not always necessary to have your car inspected before you renew a policy, but every insurer is different and you may be asked to have the vehicle checked for safety purposes. Contact Hanneken Insurance to talk to an independent agent for more information about your options.