Summer Safety For Your Household Pets

When you live in Little Falls, the weather can get hot in the summer months. Your household pets need some additional TLC so they stay safe. It doesn’t cost you much to keep them safe and they will thank you for it in their own special way.

Water is a biggie. Your pets need a lot of water during the summer. If you are going to be gone throughout the day, leave two bowls around or buy one of the dispenser models so it automatically refills the dish after it drops below a certain level.

If your dog or cat currently eats dry food only, buy some of the wet food options. Mix some of it in because it is made from 70 percent water and it gives them a chance to hydrate even more.

Talk to your vet about preventative medication for heartworm as well as fleas and ticks. It’s easy for bugs to get inside and so they can easily bite your pets, even when they are minding their own business in the living room.

Don’t let your pets overheat. Even if they are inside, they can overheat. Maybe they like to rest in front of the window where the sun pours in, or they have been racing around the house. Either way, if they are panting a lot or you open their mouth and find they have dry gums, then you want to cool them down ASAP.

Be smart about when you take your pet outside. Don’t do it at the hottest times of the day and keep them in the shade as much as possible.

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