What is Medigap Health Insurance?

While it is currently the law that citizens of all 50 states, including the residents of Little Falls, MN, obtain health insurance, it is not required that they purchase Medigap coverage. Many people make the decision to do so, and it is important to understand why that is the case. 

Medigap Insurance Basics

Your Medigap policy is designed to pick up costs that your primary insurance will not, and to qualify for Medigap health insurance, you must, in many cases, already have Medicare part A and B coverage. Your Medigap policy will be provided by a private insurance company, and it’s important to be aware that it will not cover everything. Services that are typically excluded from Medigap insurance policies are dental care, vision, long term care, and hearing aids. 

There may be some limiting factors to whether or not you can purchase a Medigap insurance policy, as you will need to do so only during open enrollment. You may not be eligible if you are not yet 65 years old and you have a disability or late-stage renal disease. Medigap insurers can refuse to approve coverage for six months if you have a pre-existing condition that was diagnosed in the six months prior to when you applied. If you purchased your indemnification after 1990, you cannot be dropped for reasons other than nonpayment, fraud, or if the company goes out of business. 

Hanneken Insurance Agency Can Help

Hanneken Insurance Agency is a fine purveyor of health insurance and can answer any questions you may have regarding Medigap health insurance. You can contact us, and speak to one of our representatives about your health insurance needs today! Faithfully serving the Little Falls, MN area, we consider it a privilege to work with you.