Educating Teen Drivers: Tips and Advice for Safe Driving

When it comes to life’s many milestones, there’s none quite as exciting as getting your drivers license. Although this event in your teen’s life is definitely something to celebrate, it’s also important that you take the time to teach them how to drive safely in Little Falls. Here’s a look at several tips you should share with your teen. 

It’s all about keeping your eyes and mind on the road

If your teen keeps his attention and eyes on the road, he will greatly reduce his chances of being in an accident. Not only will he be much less likely to cause one, but if one was to present itself, he’ll be more likely to avoid it. This is why you must stress over and over that he stay focused on the road at all times when behind the wheel.

Set mandatory rules

You are the parent and it is your responsibility to make sure your teen is driving safely. And although you probably can’t be in the vehicle with him at all times, you should still enforce mandatory rules, including:

  • Must always wear seat belt
  • No passengers for first three to six months
  • No using the phone while driving
  • No driving while intoxicated
  • No speeding

Lead by example

Lastly, you can teach your teen driver safe driving tips by leading by example. This means that you should always wear your seat belt, don’t text and drive, don’t drive while drinking, and no going over the speed limit. 

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