What Are Some Common Exclusions In Commercial Insurance Policies?

Most business owners assume that purchasing commercial insurance means their business and property are covered against all risks, which isn’t the case. Some risks aren’t covered, and it’s vital that you are aware of them. As a business owner in Little Falls, MN, the knowledge will enable you to implement best practices to mitigate excluded risks. The standard commercial insurance exclusions are:

1. Catastrophic Events

Risks of catastrophic events such as war and the effects of war aren’t covered under commercial insurance. For instance, if a war breaks out and an explosive damages your commercial property, your business property policy won’t cover the damage. However, you can get specialized commercial coverage for catastrophic events like earthquakes and flooding.

2. Equipment Maintenance Issues and Wear and Tear

Business equipment coverage is a necessity if you are utilizing any equipment in your business operations since it covers it from loss or damage. However, this coverage excludes equipment loss or damage resulting from maintenance issues and wear and tear. This means that risks that can be mitigated with regular maintenance, such as corrosion, rust, and insect infestations on your equipment, won’t be covered. This is why at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we advise our clients to implement outstanding equipment maintenance practices.

3. Risks Against Public Policy

No commercial insurance covers risks against public policy such as violations of the law, crimes, and intentionally caused injuries. Threats against public policy are excluded because providing coverage might encourage people and commercial enterprises to violate the law. Therefore, if a company’s management intentionally commits fraud, commercial insurance won’t offer any coverage.

4. Refunding or Repairing Faulty Products

Most businesses also get product liability coverage, but this only covers bodily injury and property damage resulting from faulty products. It doesn’t cover the cost of refunding or repairing defective products.

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