Commercial Insurance in Little Falls, Minnesota

As commercial insurance agents in Little Falls, Minnesota, we are really excited about the growth of business opportunities here in town and around the region. Regular events like the Lone Eagle Auto Club Show and Morrison County fair are fun for residents, and they also help draw visitors into our community. Major attractions, like the Charles Lindbergh Park and the Pine Grove Primeval Park and Zoo help our community in the same way, and they are open all year.

The visitors that these attractions and events attract also frequent our local businesses, and they help keep the Little Falls economy strong. That solid economy and a fine school system help our community prosper and keep residents right here at home. Still, every businessman and woman in this community knows that he or she takes risks every day. The right package of business insurance minimizes those risks, so entrepreneurs are free to concentrate on their work.

Commercial insurance companies in Minnesota have to thrive in a very competitive environment, and our goal, as independent business insurance agents, is to help our local clients make the most of that. We can help our Little Falls and Morrison County clients find the protection that they need to minimize all sorts of business risks, and we work to find affordable deals that minimize risks and save money.

While some local companies just need a basic package of property and liability insurance, others need custom or unique protection plans. We are eager to discuss coverage needs with local entrepreneurs and managers and come up with an affordable solution. As experienced commercial insurance agents, we are always happy to evaluate your unique needs and suggest insurance solutions that will help your bottom line.

Why would my homeowners insurance policy premium increase in Brainerd, Minnesota?

From the minute you first drove by the Paul Bunyan statue in Brainerd, Minnesota, you knew that this was where you wanted to live. Sure there’s a little snow and cold weather, but 10,000 lakes, friendly people and a laid-back Midwestern lifestyle convinced you that this is where you want to live. But knowing that this is one of the safer communities in the nation, less prone to crime and most natural disasters than the national average, why the heck is your homeowners insurance premium going up?

Insurance premiums are affected first and foremost by risk. If your premium is going up, take a look at your risk situation. Has something changed in your area that puts your home more at risk? Have you or your neighbors been making more claims lately? Have you added a pool, or other feature that could lead to injury liability claims?

Cost of repair or replacement also factors into the cost of an insurance policy. When the costs of building materials rise (as is often the case after a mass disaster, like Hurricane Katrina), then premiums usually rise across the board. If there is a local disaster in Brainerd, such as a tornado, it can cause a temporary spike in building material costs, but it’s usually not enough to affect premiums. Adding value to your home also increases the cost of repair or replacement, so doing major remodeling projects might increase your premiums.

The best way to not get a nasty surprise on your homeowners insurance policy cost is to stay in communication with your insurance agent. They can keep you aware of changes that might increase your premiums and give you tips to reduce costs. In Minnesota, one great way to keep your insurance cost low is by calling us–as your independent agent, we can help you to find the right policy for you at the best possible rate..