3 Reasons Not to Put Off Purchasing Home Insurance

When it comes to cutting corners insurance is often downgraded or even put off during tight times. However, putting off purchasing home insurance or downgrading coverage can end up costing your family a great deal more in the long run. Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can help you decide the level of coverage best for your family in order to keep them covered, no matter what. If things are already tight and they get worse, you will be relieved that you invested in insurance to keep your family afloat during the worst of times.

  1. Sometimes things change in an area that make insuring certain homes for certain coverage more difficult or more expensive. If you already have coverage in the area at a set rate you may be grandfathered in.
  2. If you are putting off getting or renewing insurance due to finances, then this is exactly the reason you need to make sure you have insurance. If you have plenty of money to spare, then protecting what you do have may just hold less importance. However if things are tight, imagine how much tighter they will be after a fire or other calamity with no insurance.
  3. There is no “off season” for disaster. Sure tornadoes are more likely in a few months and winter storms are more likely in January, but disastrous events can happen any day of the year. This is why emergency personnel and law enforcement agencies do not shut down. Do not prolong getting insurance until closer to the riskier times of the year.

Contact us at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. for all your insurance needs in Little Falls, Pine River, Pierz, Brainerd, MN and the surrounding areas. The sooner your family is covered, the better you can rest with  peace of mind knowing we are here for you.

When to Contact Your Insurance Agent

You understand you have to maintain homeowners insurance, but if you’re like many people you don’t want to use it out of fear your premium may go up. The short answer as to when you should contact your insurance agent is to say, “Whenever you have a home repair,” because it won’t be held against you to ask but rather the agent will give you practical advice as to whether you should file a formal claim. Keep in mind, the most basic insurance policy as required by your lender to assure the legitimacy of their investment is only intended for disaster damage you wouldn’t normally be prepared to pay for out of pocket, while more elaborate plans may be comprehensive and take care of common repairs or even routine maintenance jobs.

Typical Winter Storm Damage in MN

A common winter problem in Minnesota is for a gutter to freeze, causing a dam that prevents water from properly draining from your gutter system. In and of itself, the ice dam isn’t a big problem and has a simple solution but can cause roof leaks and water damage if not dealt with immediately.

Routine Maintenance versus Specific Repairs

Although this depends on the exact policy you decide to purchase, insurance usually covers specific repairs rather than routine maintenance. To further the example of the ice dam, removing the dam may be considered routine maintenance while water damage you were unable to prevent would be a specific repair.

It can’t be emphasized enough to always check with your agent when conducting work on your home. You may be surprised at what is covered, or what you may be able to apply toward your deductible, You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Contact Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. in Little Falls, Brainerd, Pierz or Pine River to learn more.