Protecting Your Family With Life Insurance In Little Falls Mn

Life insurance is the most important kind of insurance in Little Falls, MN and other parts of America. It prevents your family from suffering after your death. Generally, life insurance allows you to save for the living expenses of your family when you are dead.

Find out how you can protect your family with a life insurance policy in Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. 

Your burial expenses

Funeral expenses may cost between $6,500 and $11,000 and your family will be left to pay the bill. This will be a big problem if you are the breadwinner. It can be devastating. Your family will handle the pain of losing you, the difficulty in paying their bills, and struggle to finance your funeral ceremony and that could plunge them further into debt. 

Your death does not have to destroy your family. A life insurance policy covers your funeral expenses when you die. Even if you didn’t provide much for your family, they won’t need to bear the cost of your burial.

Your family’s monthly bill and everyday expenses

If you are the one responsible for your family’s everyday expenses and monthly bill, you can work it into your life insurance policy so that your insurance provider will continue to pay the bills. That means the standard of living of your family won’t drop because of your death. 

The bills may include monthly utility bills and rent and the daily expenses may include the purchase of some household essentials like cleaning supplies and groceries. 

Dependent and child care

If you still have children and parents who depend on you, it is necessary to work the cost of their care into your life insurance So that it won’t cease after your demise.

In summary, life insurance is meant to take care of your family after your death. You can contact Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. to find out how you can protect your family properly with a life insurance. 

What Types of Coverage Does Your Business Need?

Every business in Little Falls, MN, even if it’s a home business, should have a general liability policy. This policy will cover damages and provide defense if your employees, services, or products cause any property damage or bodily injury to a third party. Besides a general liability policy, there will be some other insurance policies to consider based on your business needs. An agent at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can help determine your risks and the best policies.

Property insurance can be useful if you have your own building or have a lot of business property, such as computers, inventory, or tools. This policy will protect these items from vandalism, theft, and fire.

Workers compensation insurance is necessary for employees in Minnesota and will provide medical benefits and wage replacement for employees who are injured while on the job. Without this, you could face stiff penalties and it not only protects you but your company as well from any legal complications.

Professional liability insurance can also be called errors and omission insurance and will provide damages and defense if you fail to or improperly render any professional services. Businesses that can use this type of insurance are any professional firm, which includes consultants, lawyers, insurance agents, hair salons, and accountants.

Commercial auto insurance will be needed for any company vehicles. You can insure any vans, trucks, or work cars from collisions and damages. If you don’t have company vehicles but employees are driving their own cars for business, then a non-owned auto liability policy will protect your business in the event that your employee doesn’t have insurance or not enough insurance.

A business owner’s policy can package insurance that a business owner needs. Based on specific needs, it can be altered to provide property protection, liability insurance, and vehicle coverage.

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