Frequently Asked Questions About Winterizing Your Pipes

During the winter months, water left sitting in pipes can freeze. As water freezes, it expands. The hard ice is now pressing on your pipes and can cause them to burst. It is not until the ice thaws out that you realize that the pipe has cracked or burst and water may flood into your home. Winterizing your pipes prevents all of this from happening. Unfortunately, this is a term some homeowners may not be familiar with. Getting answers to the questions you have will help you to better understand it. Here are two frequently asked questions about winterizing your pipes.

What Does it Mean to Winterize Pipes?

When you winterize pipes, you are essentially pulling all of the water of the pipes. This should only be done on pipes that are not used during the winter months, such as pipes that lead to pools or sprinkler systems. If you have a summer home, you will want to winterize all of the pipes. And if you are planning on being away from your current home for longer than two weeks during winter months, it is wise to winterize them. Pulling the water out ensures there is no water that can freeze in the pipes.

Can I Winterize My Pipes Myself?

A plumber can help winterize your pipes. Some people will turn off water to the pipes and then drain water out. However, this doesn’t ensure all of the water is out of the drains. A plumber can suck out any standing water, ensuring the pipes are free off all water that can freeze. Obviously, it is important not to use those pipes again once they have been winterized or the process will need to be redone.

Winterizing your pipes can help protect your home against plumbing and flooding damage. If a pipe is not winterized, you may need to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you have questions about whether burst pipes are covered under your policy or want to start a new homeowner’s insurance policy in the great Little Falls, MN area, contact Hanneken Insurance.We can help you with all of your homeowner’s insurance needs.



Important reasons for having auto insurance in Little Falls, MN

Located in the heart of Minnesota, Little Falls is a quiet community that allows residents access to all the Minnesota has to offer. It also gets the brunt of Minnesota winters, which makes for difficult driving for everyone in the area. When you take this into account, you quickly realize how absolutely important it is for people to have auto insurance on their vehicles in a place like Little Falls, MN. Below are some of the more specific reasons why this is the case.


A car accident is expensive and auto insurance keeps this expense from crippling you financially in the future. If you hit a patch of ice and spin off the road into a tree, auto insurance will fix your vehicle so you don’t have to and cover the medical expenses, if any, incurred by you and your passengers due to the accident. Without this policy set up beforehand, you might end up paying tens of thousands of dollars you don’t have just to reset your life.


Let’s be honest, sometimes accidents happen and we are at fault. Hopefully this doesn’t happen while you are on the road but if it does, there will thankfully be an auto insurance policy there to cover any damage the accident may cause, especially to others who are involved. These policies will cover the damage to their vehicle as well as any medical expenses they might incur due to the accident itself.


Sometimes just covering the expenses aren’t enough and people want more money, taking you to court. So that you won’t get sued directly, the insurance company takes the heat for you, protecting you from further financial loss due to a lawsuit.