There is More to Farm Insurance in Minnesota Than You May Think.

Little Falls, MN has many farms and ranches in the region and surrounding areas each providing a vital agricultural service locally or even globally. A farm is a corporation in and of itself when it comes to all the aspects that need to be addressed daily ranging from animals, employees, valuable machinery, and buildings. At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. we provide quality insurance services including farm insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, flood insurance, and more. 

In the state of Minnesota, there are many insurance considerations when it comes to farming or ranching. For example, a beginning rancher or farmer will receive certain insurance perks that the first year that may make it easier to purchase affordable insurance. But this is not to exclude people who were raised on farms or ranches who are branching off on their own. Other considerations include which crop you grow in a particular year, your farm’s past performance, and unique risks and assets. Farm insurance is not quite as straight forward as other policies but this is to protect you, the farmer, and make sure you are protected as you run your unique corporation. Come in and discuss your particular insurance needs for your farm assets and risks, and we can help clear up any questions you have about farm insurance in your area. 

Contact us at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. for all of your farm insurance needs in and around Little Falls, MN. Or if you have any questions as you begin on your journey or running your own working farm or ranch you can come on in and discuss your farm with our experienced agent. 

Does Health Insurance Cover Preexisting Conditions?

Health insurance is no doubt a wonderful thing. It allows us to have help in paying for medical care that is essential to our being healthy and living a long happy life. For some with preexisting conditions, finding insurance can be difficult, with the right help you can find a policy that fits with you. For those in the Little Falls, MN area, the agents with Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can help you to find a policy that works well for you and that can take care of your condition.

The overwhelming number of insurance companies out there are going to ask you to fill out a health questionnaire to determine if you have any specific health issues that are pertinent to the insurance. Some insurance companies are not going to accept those that have conditions when they apply for the insurance. An example may be someone that has cancer, they want to switch to a better insurance that helps pay more for their cancer treatment, they would be required to disclose that they have cancer to the insurance company and the company can then either approve or deny their application. In most cases, a preexisting condition does not disqualify you for insurance but rather makes it necessary to get a different type of coverage that is going to cost more each month to make up for your added costs.

Insurance is something that you have to have and having a great policy that is going to be able to cover and help take care of your bills is a must. You should take the time to find a policy that works for you, no matter what condition you have. For those in the Little Falls, MN area, the agents with Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can help you find a policy that works for you.