Three health insurance secrets that can help you find the right policy

Good health insurance coverage is a necessity if you want to protect both your finances and your health at the same time. At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we can help you learn about your health insurance options in Little Falls, MN. 

The following are three health insurance secrets that can help you find the right policy for your needs. 

Look into discounts

You may be eligible for discount programs to reduce your health insurance costs. Some health insurance providers may offer a discount if you pay in cash or your premiums far in advance. 

In addition to your health insurance provider, you can also ask your doctor about discounts on health insurance premiums and prescription drug costs. 

Focus on preventive care

Preventive care is typically much less expensive than paying for treatment after you’ve developed a health problem. That’s why you should ensure that your health insurance policy covers all recommended preventive care for someone your age and has your medical history. 

Explore all the options

Make sure that you’re aware of all of your options before you select a health insurance option. Don’t assume you must use your employer-sponsored health insurance or another traditional health insurance option. 

Look for insurance through membership or professional associations in which you’re involved. Also, consider the advantages of health savings accounts and high deductible policies before deciding the best option for your situation. 

Do you have more questions about health insurance in Little Falls, MN? Get in touch with us at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. to learn more about health insurance tips you can use to find the best policy for yourself and your family.

What Are Some Of The Risks Associated With Not Having Farm Insurance?

There are roughly 2.04 million ranches and farms in the US. Farm insurance is a must-have whether you are a small-scale or large-scale farmer. At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we help farmers like you in Little Falls, MN to access suitable farm insurance. Here are some of the risks you are exposing yourself to if you don’t have farm insurance as a farmer. 

1. You Could Lose Your Farm Machinery and Equipment to Theft and Vandalism

It’s no secret that farm machinery and equipment are a massive investment. Paying to repair your farm machinery and equipment out of pocket because you have no farm insurance after an act of vandalism can be financially crippling. If the machinery and equipment are stolen and you have no farm insurance, you might be unable to purchase replacements. 

Both theft and vandalism of your farm machinery and equipment can potentially bring your farming operations to a halt for a long time if you have no farm insurance. Most farm insurance policies cover the cost of repairing vandalized farm machinery and equipment and replacing stolen ones. 

2. You Could Lose Everything

Whether you are farming livestock or crops, your success largely depends on mother nature. This is because an unpredicted extreme weather event such as a snow storm can ruin your crops and deny you a harvest. On the other hand, an unforeseen natural occurrence such as a disease outbreak can wipe out your entire herd of cattle, a flock of chickens, e.t.c. 

If you had no farm insurance and lost everything, this can lead you to bankruptcy. However, if you have farm insurance, it will compensate you for the losses you incurred. 

Looking for Farm Insurance? 

As a farmer in Little Falls, MN, and the surrounding areas, Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. offers you reliable farm insurance options. Call us today to learn more and get started with a quote.