It is Time for Spring Cleaning. Do You Know How You Can Prolong the Life of Your Home?

Most people consider their home their greatest financial asset. For some it can be a financial strain, the balance is often in the shape of the home.  There are certain spring cleaning chores that will make sure that your home stays safe and attractive for many years to come because an ounce of prevention is worth gold. Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. serving Little Falls, MN and the surrounding areas know the true value of a home and can cover your greatest asset in home insurance year round. 

Ways to Prolong Life of Your Home Each Spring

  • Check for winter water damage. If a little water got in then froze it may have cause warped roofing or attic materials which can allow in more water and ice next season. Checking for winter water damage is a vital way to prolong the life of your roof and to prevent further damage and costs. 
  • Sweep roof and clean out gutters. This chore ensures that the debris is not rotting against roofing material, a rotting roof can spread damage throughout the attic quickly and mold or water damage can be hard to get rid of. 
  • Clean any debris away from the footing of home, trim any extra brush. These materials will naturally rot and this rot can spread the home depending on the building materials. The debris also encourages bugs to hang out near the home so clearing out any organic matter is vital. 

Contact us at Strack Insurance Services if you want to protect your home in case of unforeseen damage. We serve Little Falls, MN and the surrounding areas. 

What Kind of Health Insurance Plan Should I Pick?

Having a solid health insurance policy is essential. If you live in the Little Falls, MN area, Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. serves residents in the area and can help you find the right health insurance plan for you and your family.

Where do I Begin?

Consider what you need to think about first when you begin searching for a health insurance policy. Will you be picking a single, or a family-based health insurance policy? Then comes the cost. Cost often falls at the top of the list because you want something that will be affordable.  

When looking through policy options, it’s imperative to read the fine print. Be careful about hidden costs and out-of-pocket expenses. Some policies also require additional deductibles based on procedures that you are receiving, etc. Lastly, check for the out-of-pocket max, which is the maximum amount that you can pay before the insurance company becomes liable for 100% of the remaining costs.

How Much Will You Need?

Identifying your health insurance needs in Little Falls, MN can be tricky when you are healthy. Thus, you must consider factors like your health history- and that of your family- including sicknesses that you may be prone to based on your genetic makeup.

Health insurance plans typically fall under Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum categories. The lower the medal category, the higher your deductibles will be. Less will be covered by the insurance itself and there will be higher out-of-pocket premiums.

Bronze plans typically work for healthy, young and single individuals that don’t take prescription drugs or visit the doctor often outside of general checkups.

Silver policies cover more and work for families or single individuals with no ongoing health issues that want coverage for prescription drugs and unexpected illnesses. Silver plans are ideal for families.

Gold & Platinum policies have considerably higher monthly premiums, but much lower deductibles. These plans are ideal for those with ongoing health issues and frequently taking prescription drugs.

Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you find an affordable health insurance policy. Contact us for a free quote.