Finding Health Insurance After 50

As businesses downsize, many established employees find themselves without their former employer’s benefits. They need to purchase their own health coverage. Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. of Little Falls, MN wants you to know how to find affordable coverage at 50 and older.

One of the reasons it becomes tougher is that older people are more likely to have developed chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Some insurers will not offer a policy that covers pre-existing conditions. Others will cover it once the insured has gone a specified period without any problems. Some will cover long-term pre-existing conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Not only will it become harder to find coverage; it gets more expensive. You can reduce the costs by following these tips:

  • Avoid the options and extras. Select only the coverage you really need.
  • Obtain private coverage for major illnesses only.
  • Choose a plan with a waiting period before treatment ends. The common periods are four-week or six-week options.
  • Choose a policy that only offers treatment at a few hospitals.
  • Remain in good shape. A healthy BMI can sometimes get you a discount.

The plans you are accustomed to from your workplace offer so many options because they serve a large group of diverse people. Your employer needs a plan that can accommodate every employee. When you choose a private health plan, you get to pick just what you need and tailor it to yourself. That can save you money.

Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. of Little Falls, MN can help you obtain the health coverage you need. Call or visit us to learn about the health insurance plans we can offer you.

How do I know if I need farm insurance?

Farmers in and around Little Falls, MN understand what it’s like to deal with a mix of the old and the new on an everyday basis. While most things have changed, many others remain comfortingly the same. One thing modern farmers have in common is the need to protect themselves from the risks associated with farming activities.

Who Actually Needs Farm or Ranch Insurance?

If you don’t technically live on a farm or ranch, a standard homeowners policy might be adequate to meet your needs. There are some criteria you can use to decide if you will need the additional coverage available with a specialized policy:

  • Are there any additional structures on your property, like a shed, a stable, or even a greenhouse?  Especially if you are growing plants for sale, you may want to consider the amount of revenue you expect to receive when deciding whether or not to get farm insurance.
  • What kind of animals are you keeping on your property? Larger animals like cows or horses may give your property a business exposure that requires you to get more protection.
  • Are there workers on your property? If you have employees who help with the crops or animals, they are a potential liability. Minnesota law requires that most employees be protected with workers’ compensation insurance.

Buying a Farm Insurance Policy

At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we can help you go through all your options and help you look at your situation to see if you need farm insurance. Your policy will be individualized to fit your circumstances because every situation is different.

If you are in Little Falls, MN and thinking about whether you should get farm insurance, call Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. today so we can show you all your options.