Minnesota Safe Driving Tips

According to the Minnesota Safety Council, roadway crashes are a leading cause of injury death in Minnesota and the number one cause of work-related deaths.  Below are a few simple ideas that can easily be put into practice every time you get behind the wheel.

Buckle-Up:  Make sure all in the car are restrained in a seat belt, car seat or booster seat.  Children in Minnesota should remain in a booster seat until they are four feet nine inches tall.

Allow Time:  If a trip knowingly takes 20 minutes, add an additional 5 minutes to your travel time.  These extra minutes allow for unexpected or heavy traffic patterns and adverse weather conditions. If you find yourself running behind, do not speed as this does not save much time.  Speeding only introduces the possibility of getting a ticket or causing a wreck.

Keep Your Cool:  It’s easy to become frustrated with drivers and mistakes they make when driving, such as tailgating or cutting off other vehicles.  In situations you find frustrating, move over into another lane and distance yourself from those drivers so that you can remain calm and in control.

Hands on the Wheel and Eyes on the Road:  It’s common knowledge that cell phones take priority in today’s technology driven world but using the phone to text or browse the internet while driving allows for a one-second distraction that can cause serious wrecks and fatalities. Not using a cell phone in the car may take a bit of practice and restraint but is worth it.

Keeping auto insurance up-to-date will also give you peace of mind while driving. Visit Hanneken Insurance Agency, Inc. or give us a call to discuss your current auto policy or to begin a new one.

Should you let Your Spouse or Friend Borrow Your Car?

A friend in need, is a friend indeed. How far should you go exactly for a friend in need? Should your generosity extend to your vehicle, which for some people is also tied into their lively hood at least, and a large investment of their finances? The answer is not cut and dry, and it largely depends on the friend. However, there are a few things you should know and do before anyone else drives your vehicle. 

  • First ask the right questions. Are they licensed? What is their driving record? Is Your insurance up to date? The drivers insurance is not the point, even if it is a parked vehicle that you don’t use it needs to be insured if someone drives it. And of course what are they going to do with the car? Simply drive it to work while they get on their feet, or haul livestock? It may seem obvious but always check these things first to protect yourself and your property. 
  • If your friend passes through the above questions to your satisfaction, you should then discuss the terms before hand so no one gets upset later. Make clear from the start things like how long you are allowing them to use it. How far they can go. If they can eat, drink, or smoke in it. What they should do if there is any damage. It is no small thing to loan a car, but if you decide to go in with clear communication. 

Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can help protect your vehicle, no matter who you chose to let drive it. Getting a quote is easy, and you will find that customer service is personal. Call today if you have any questions about letting a friend borrow your vehicle or about a new policy.