Business Insurance in Alexandria, MN

Business insurance provides your business with financial protection against potential lawsuits, damage, and other threats to your financial security. All it would take is one major lawsuit to wipe out your operating funds if you didn’t have insurance and someone got injured by a product that you make. In addition, if you have a home based business, homeowners insurance rarely covers claims that come from the business operation front. It also wouldn’t provide coverage for business equipment if it got damaged or stolen.

When you’re establishing your company, insurance is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. Many businesses fail before the five year mark, and getting laid low by cash flow issues because of an inopportune lawsuit when you aren’t protected by liability insurance is a frustrating situation. Alexandria, MN business insurance options can be explored using free online quotes.

The amount that it costs to put business coverage in place is less than you might think, especially since a typical business needs multiple policies. When you get several policies from the same company, multi-policy discounts kick in so you’re getting a decent amount of cost savings. In addition, commercial insurance keeps the cost of equipment in mind when dealing with property protection. A homeowners insurance policy for a home business generally doesn’t come close to covering cost of equipment, without being too expensive. Commercial insurance provides this coverage at a relatively low cost.

You also get access to protection from professional liability, such as someone suing you because the advice that you gave did not lead to the result that they assumed was going to happen. Alexandria, MN business insurance helps protect you as you grow your business so you aren’t looking at a bankruptcy a year in.

Auto Insurance Agents in Sartell, MN

Your car is an essential piece of your everyday life. You need it to get to school, work, and everywhere in between. If you live someone that doesn’t have a workable public transportation system and you get in an accident, you’re left hanging on the favors of friends and family to get you back and forth between work. This is frustrating if you are on the hook for your repair cost because you only have liability insurance and there are issues with the other party’s insurance company, or lack thereof.

Insurance agents in Sartell, MN can tell you about additional coverage options that expand what you have beyond liability. You pay more monthly, but it’s worth it when you aren’t dealing with paying out of pocket for repairs just so you can get your car back up and running. The first additional insurance option to look at is collision. This insurance option deals with striking vehicles and objects and the damage caused by that collision. This is a good option to have if you have a higher value car, and you don’t know that someone’s liability insurance would cover the cost of a totaled car or the repairs if it doesn’t total it.

Comprehensive insurance gives you a policy that provides protection when your car gets broken into, stolen, damaged during storage, or other situations that involve non typical damage. If you live in a high crime neighborhood, this is a good insurance option to pursue.

When you’re looking into auto insurance, use free online quotes to figure out the difference between a liability only policy and adding in additional coverage.

Health Insurance Agents in Little Falls, MN

Health insurance is a topic that’s been prominent on the news lately, with the Affordable Care Act coming into the market and other health insurance providers adjusting their offerings. Health insurance is full of terminology that can be unclear or confusing, and it’s not always feasible to get on the phone with health insurance agents to figure out what everything means.

When you’re looking for health insurance agents near me, it’s important to know what you’re asking about so you get accurate quote and pricing information. One of the most important things to figure out is what your health insurance budget is. You have to pay a monthly premium, the amount of which is adjusted depending on your level of coverage, the type of coverage, co-insurance, and deductibles.

You get access to a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization. HMOs put you within a network that is determined by a primary care physician. They see you first for any medical needs, and refer you to a specialist when needed. A preferred provider organization gives you a list of providers within the health insurance network, and allows you to go to any of them with it covered as long as they participate in the organization network.

Deductible is the next big term to understand when you get in touch with insurance agents near me. The deductible is the payment that you cover for your health insurance needs before the insurance starts covering it. If you have $500 deductible, you pay that much directly before the insurance company pays for the doctors. You also are responsible for co-pays and prescription costs.

What is not covered under Private Car Insurance in Saint Cloud, MN

Buying a private car insurance policy in Saint Cloud, MN can protect your vehicle in certain situations, but that does not mean every possible problem is covered. There are times when you may need to purchase additional protection for your private vehicle.

Using the Car for Business

Although most insurance providers will pay for any damages to the vehicle when you drive to and from work, you can expect that additional driving as part of a work errand may not be covered. For example, you may not be covered if you drive your car to run errands for your boss or to pick up lunch for the entire office.

You may need to purchase additional coverage if there is any chance that your vehicle will be used for your work. It is particularly important if you plan to use the vehicle for work errands on a regular basis.

Personal Medical Bills

Although you are usually protected for liability concerns, including the medical bills of another party when you cause an accident, most insurance policies will have limited coverage for your personal medical bills unless you buy additional protection.

When you do not cause the accident, the other driver’s insurance is usually responsible for your medical bills; however, there are times when you may need additional coverage to pay for bills that exceed the amount that the other driver’s insurance will pay. You may want to purchase additional coverage if you are concerned about personal injuries in an accident.

You are not required to purchase comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, but there are times when additional coverage may be appropriate for your needs. To learn more about protecting your vehicle, contact us to talk to an independent agent today.