Beyond the Basics: Additional Home Insurance Coverages You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you are a property owner in the Little Falls, MN area, you likely know that it is vital to have home insurance. While you likely know that you will need property and liability coverage, there are many other options to consider as well. There are various additional types of home insurance coverage you should consider. 

Water Backup Coverage

One of the more challenging situations you may have to deal with in your home is if the sewer line backs up or a flood causes water to get into your basement. Not only is this stressful and hard to clean up, but you may not have coverage through your standard home insurance plan. In these situations, water backup coverage provision can be quite helpful as it will cover the costs needed to repair and remediate.

Service Line Coverage

Depending on where you live, you may have electricity or gas lines coming into your property. It is generally up to the property owner to keep these lines protected and secure. Unfortunately, due to mistakes of a property owner or a contractor, these lines could be severed or damaged in some situations. Home insurance will often not cover the costs to remediate it, but an additional service line coverage plan will offer the support you need.

When you are ready to start looking for home insurance in the Little Falls, MN area, it is essential that you carefully assess all of your options. A great way to start the process is by calling our team of insurance professionals with Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. Our team at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. knows the value of this coverage and can offer any support you need to build a new plan that includes all necessary forms of coverage. 

Snow Tires: Getting Your Vehicle Set Up for Snow

The snow is falling, and it’s time to prepare your car, truck, or SUV for winter. At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we’re proud to offer our Little Falls, MN customers top-notch insurance services. Read on to learn how snow tires can help you prepare for the ice and snow of winter. 

What Makes Snow Tires Different?

Snow tires make it easier for your vehicle to grip the road in slippery conditions due to their unique tread patterns and tread depths that run deeper than those of standard tires. 

While all-season tires are great for the occasional snowstorm, it’s important to gear up with snow tires if you live in a snowy climate–such as our climate here in Minnesota. All-season tires are only designed for occasional cold weather and don’t work as well when the temperature stays below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How Many Snow Tires Do You Need?

It’s never a good idea to mix snow tires and standard tires. While snow tires can be more expensive than standard tires, driving safely through snowy conditions is well worth it. 

If you have snow tires from last year but aren’t sure whether they still have enough tread for this year’s winter storms, be sure to stop by your local tire shop so they can take a look and recommend how to move forward.

Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc: Proud to Serve Little Falls, MN

At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we’re proud to serve Little Falls, MN, and we’re here to help you make sure your vehicle is fully protected for the snowy months ahead. Please stop by or contact us today to learn how we can keep you safe.