Can my business property policy cover damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes?

A business property insurance policy is designed to address a variety of concerns and goals. Even though many different situations are usually covered by a basic policy, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters may or may not be covered by a basic commercial policy. Identifying your coverage in Brainerd, Minnesota is an important part of determining if you need additional protection.

Read Your Current Plan

Never assume that you have coverage on your property insurance policy. In many cases, the damage from a natural disaster may not be covered under the basic policy. The type of situations that your insurer may cover will often focus on common risks, such as fires, theft and vandalism.

Evaluate your clauses, exceptions and the sections regarding the type of situations that are covered. Keep in mind that some insurers may use alternative terms to describe a natural disaster, so you may want to look up any unfamiliar terminology.

Obtain Additional Coverage

If you feel that your current insurance policy is not enough to address your concerns regarding natural disasters, then it may be time to consider purchasing an additional policy. Some insurers may allow you to add to the current plan so that you have the coverage that you want, but others may not offer protection against certain types of disasters, so you may need to consider an alternative plan from a different company if your current provider does not offer coverage.

Every situation is different and your coverage for a company may or may not provide coverage for natural disasters. If you feel that your coverage is not appropriate, then it may be time to consider an alternative plan. Contact Hanneken Insurance to talk to an independent agent for more information.