PIP Pays Your Medical Expenses If You’re Injured In a Car Accident

Minnesota is a no-fault state, and all drivers within the state must have personal injury protection, or basic economic loss benefit insurance coverage. This means if you’re injured in an auto accident in Pine River, Minnesota, the PIP portion of your automobile policy will likely pay for your medical expenses.

What is PIP?

PIP extends your auto insurance and pays for medical expenses, as well as lost wages and replacement services. Your PIP coverage pays for your injuries no matter which driver is at fault for the accident. It also pays the medical expenses of family members and anyone in your car when the accident occurred.

Minimum Requirements

The state’s minimum PIP requirement is $40,000, and $20,000 of this amount goes toward medical expenses. If your medical expenses go beyond the minimum amount, you might have to pay for your medical care out of pocket. If the other driver is liable, you can pursue a claim against his liability coverage.

Driving Someone Else’s Car

If you borrow a friend’s car, you’re still covered, so your insurance policy continues to cover your medical bills — up to your coverage limits. If you don’t have insurance, but someone in your home, such as a spouse or a parent, has a policy, their insurance policy might pay for your medical expenses. If no one in your home has automobile insurance, the friend’s policy might pay the basic economic loss benefit.

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