What does farm insurance cover?

If you own a farm in Little Falls, MN, you might have already figured that you might greatly benefit from farm insurance. Generally, you want to buy enough coverage based on what you are dealing with. Farm insurance is designed to protect you commercially as well as personally.

At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc., we recommend farm insurance as it provides coverage for your possessions, home, and personal liability. This policy also goes beyond that to cover your livestock and machinery.

What does farm insurance cover?

Farm insurance covers property that is directly related to farming. Here are the primary coverages associated with farm insurance.


Livestock coverage is the most comprehensive coverage for any farmer in Little Falls MN who prefers to keep livestock. A lot can happen to the animals you are keeping, whether for domestic or commercial purposes such as illnesses, death, and injuries. Livestock coverage helps protect your finances by paying the medical bills.

Farm equipment and machinery

This coverage is specifically for farmers with large equipment and machinery that are used on the farm. Whether it is a hay raker, planter, cotton picker, or tractor, this coverage protects all of them.

Farm products

Farm products such as seed, grain, and feed are all considered farm products. Farm insurance helps compensate the farmer in the event of an accident that left these products destroyed. It can also pay for stolen seeds or grain. It is critical to note that seed or grain that is already planted is not covered. Crops are covered under the commercial insurance policy.

Farm liability coverage

Like home and auto insurance, farm insurance comes with liability coverage to cover risks such as lawsuits if your livestock destroyed someone’s property. It covers medical expenses, bodily injury, and property damage liability.

Farm insurance is a critical coverage for any farmer. For more information, visit Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. today.