What Is a “Pre-Existing Condition”?

In the past, pre-existing conditions were not covered when a new insurance policy was put in place. The agents at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. serve residents who live in Little Falls, MN and the surrounding communities. They are available to explain what certain terms mean and how they relate to your health insurance. A good example of this has to do with pre-existing conditions.

Pre-Existing Conditions

A pre-existing condition is a health issue that is chronic or recurring and was diagnosed prior to the implementation of your current health insurance policy. This can include heart conditions, diabetes, musculoskeletal injuries that have not been repaired. Pre-existing conditions are often the reason people were turned down for health insurance in the past, partly because they would be a built-in expense within the new policy.

Are They Covered?

Many of the newer policies will cover pre-existing conditions. With today’s medical advancements and an increase in the number of treatment options that are available, healthcare is much more cost-effective and efficient. This makes it more affordable for companies who offer health insurance to cover pre-existing conditions. It’s important that you have a health insurance policy that covers all of your needs.

The agents at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. can provide you with all of the information you need when it comes to finding the right health insurance policy. If you have questions about pre-existing conditions or how they may affect your ability to get a policy or change policies. If you live in Little Falls, MN, call and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to get all of the answers you need when buying a new health insurance policy.