Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Vet Bills If Your Pet Is Injured in an Accident?

As a pet owner, it’s always a worrying thought when it comes to your pet’s safety while you’re driving. Most pet owners in Little Falls, MN, rely on their auto insurance to cover the damage in case of an accident. But what if your pet gets injured in an accident while on a trip with you – will your auto insurance cover the vet bills, or is your pet on its own? Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. explains whether your auto insurance covers pet injuries and what options you have for protecting your furry friend.

Auto insurance typically doesn’t cover vet bills for injuries to your pet if they were in the car with you when an accident occurred. Pets are considered personal property, just like any other item in your car, and most auto insurance policies only cover damage to other people’s property, not your own.

Another option is adding optional pet injury coverage to your auto insurance policy. Pet injury coverage is an add-on option to your auto insurance policy that reimburses you for reasonable and necessary medical expenses caused by accidental injury or death to a pet while in the vehicle during an accident.

If you’re considering pet injury coverage, remember that not all insurance providers offer it, and it may only be available in certain states.

In conclusion, it’s unlikely that your auto insurance policy will cover your pet’s medical expenses if they’re injured during a car accident. As a pet owner in Little Falls, MN, you want to know your options and take the necessary measures to protect your pets in case of an accident. Contact Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. to discuss other options, including pet insurance.