What You Have to Know About Farm Insurance

On the surface, homeowner’s and farm insurance policies seem the same. Although they are similar in a lot of respects, there are some remarkable differences you should keep in mind. Whether you grow your own veggies for the local farmers’ market or are looking for a full-time job working on your farm, it’s vital to have the right coverage.

At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc, we understand how important farms are to residents of Little Falls, MN. That’s why we put together a brief look into the basics of farm insurance.

How Farm Insurance Differs From Homeowner’s Insurance

Your home insurance policy may cover some aspects of hobby farming. However, if you want to profit on your farm, you’ll likely need a different type of policy. Farm insurance is designed to cover both personal and commercial risks to your property. This ensures that if a disaster strikes your equipment, structures, harvested goods, and other things, you have a policy in place that will help cover the costs of replacement or repair.

Special Insurance Coverage Considerations

One thing you have to keep in mind is that, like other types of insurance coverage, farm insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. By working with a Little Falls, MN insurance agent, you can ensure you get the coverage you need for things like livestock, fencing, vineyards, chemical drift, and more.

Do You Have the Right Coverage for Your Farm?

At Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc, we pride ourselves on providing the best farm insurance coverage options to those in central Minnesota. With a history of farming behind us, we can provide unique insight into the coverage you need, tailoring policies to fit your farm. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.