What is Farm Insurance?

One of the types of insurance that we at Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. serving the greater Little Falls, MN area offers is farm insurance. However, farm insurance is such a broad term and many people do not know what it is and what it covers. Here are a few of the different things that farm insurance may cover, depending on the policy.

Buildings on the Land

Farm insurance may be written to cover any buildings on the farm or land. This includes items such as homes, barns and storage silos. If you own the land and all of the buildings on the land, you may wish to include them in the farm insurance. If you do not own the buildings, you may not be able to insure them with farm insurance.

The Land

Another item that may be covered under farm insurance is the land. Depending on the type of policy, land insurance can protect against damage to the land that prevents you from being able to plant crops, such as floods or mud slides, or even damage to existing crops already in the land, such as freeze damage or pest damage.

Farm Equipment

Lastly, farm insurance may cover your farm equipment, including tractors, plowing equipment and seeding tools. These pieces of machinery can be expensive, so insurance protects them against theft and damage that is caused by accidents. Once again, you have to own the farm equipment in order for you to insure it under farm insurance. You cannot simply be renting it.

Farm insurance can be customized many different ways to help insure that it works for you. If you are looking to purchase farm insurance in the greater Little Falls, MN area, call Hanneken Insurance Agency Inc. today. We can help customize a policy for you, covering all of the elements you are concerned about on your farm.